Must-Have Books + Tools to Make You Better!


author: benjamin hardy

…No, really, it doesn’t. Finally, there is an explanation (with clear direction!) on not only why + how to kick/start habits, but also how to make them stick. I read this book every year.

muji pens

I finally found a pen that is affordable, sleek, has a long run-life and writes like butter. I buy them in bulk and include them in gift packages with a notebook.

author: Mike michalowicz

I was introduced to the Profit First concept in Strategic Coach. I call it the “business equivalent to the Dave Ramsay envelope system.” This book is a great way to learn about the concept and how to implement it.

author: norman v. peale

To say this book changed my life is an understatement. Written in 1952, this powerful + timeless text has chapters full of inspiration that can positively shift your perspective in any situation.

author: Clara Shih

In working with hundreds of financial advisors across the country, dozens of statistics indicate that LinkedIn is the online business networking tool to use.

amazon mini display port (HDMI)

As a professional speaker, it is critical to have all of your adapters and gadgets at-the-ready, especially when you are an Apple product user, like me. From HDMI and VGA adapters to carrying your own clicker and extra batteries. Be sure you have your plans A, B and C.

Full focus planner

Michael Hyatt does not miss a detail with my favorite quarterly planner. From habits, to goal-setting (annual, quarterly, weekly and daily), to reflection, this planner keeps me in-check + focused.

author: Robert d. lupton

My clients and I constantly donate time and money throughout the year to charitable causes. This book will challenge you to rethink your philanthropic efforts.

Author: Donald Miller

Launching your ensemble or rebranding? This book is full of ideas and resources to help hone your message, improve your client experience and get your story to market consistently. Each time I revisit it, I implement another idea!

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