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60-Minute LinkedIn Training Session | Speaking Engagement | LinkedIn Profile Development | 1:1 LinkedIn Training               LinkedIn Group Workshop

14-minute discovery Call (free)

Schedule a discovery call with me to discuss your objectives and determine which services may be best suited to accomplish your areas of focus. If it makes sense, a customized scope of recommendations will be prepared along with a scheduled follow up call to review and determine whether or not partnering together is a mutual fit.

60-Minute LinkedIn training Session - $475

In preparation for this interactive 1:1 session, I will send you a series of questions in order to narrow our focus and be productive with your time. You will be asked to pay for this session in advance. 

LinkedIn Speaking engagement

Designed to provide leadership (i.e. executive, sales, recruiting, marketing) with high-level and practical insight on best practices, strategy and ways to implement LinkedIn to create business opportunities. 
This service is suited best as a keynote for conferences, annual meetings and breakout sessions.

LinkedIn Profile Development

Is your reputation online an accurate reflection of your credibility and company story? Building out your LinkedIn profile the right way, should take you 6-8 hours alone—an amount of time that most busy professionals do not have to allocate. In this process, we reduce your time commitment to a manageable 2 hours by taking the majority of the writing off your hands and launch your profile for you.
What do clients love the most? The notification that their profile is live with before & after profile snapshots—It’s a digital makeover!

1:1 LinkedIn Training

The best results come from an ongoing, monthly engagement. Training, accountability, ongoing touch-points and new eyes on your business create opportunities to be uncovered, processes to be tightened and efficiencies to be developed. This allows you to focus on what you do best.

Since LinkedIn is ever changing, learning how to use it efficiently and the right way can be challenging. During our sessions you are in the driver’s seat clicking the buttons and getting the work done inside of LinkedIn while I direct you.  This creates muscle-memory and empowers you to continue using the tool after our sessions.
My goal is to help you connect with purpose, leverage LinkedIn better than you are today, and ultimately help you drive revenue.

LinkedIn Group Workshop

Led on-site and in-person, these highly interactive workshops require that everyone is online. Pre- and post-workshop resources are provided. Training is always tailored to each group.