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Need-To-Know Update: LinkedIn Groups

general learn linkedin tools marketing networking news social selling tips Feb 05, 2018
Update For LinkedIn Groups

When LinkedIn rolled out its new web interface, approximately twelve months ago, LinkedIn Groups were moved to the “Work waffle” (not an official LinkedIn term, but one I use with clients to describe the funny button), in the top right corner of the main navigation bar. Separating LinkedIn Groups to their own mobile app was another big move made by LinkedIn earlier in 2015, amongst 8 other LinkedIn Group updates that left many members confused.


These significant changes made it more challenging to keep LinkedIn Groups top-of-mind for members, which ultimately decreased overall engagement within LinkedIn Groups.

What is the value proposition for LinkedIn Groups?

  • Increase your brand visibility by participating (i.e. sharing and commenting)

  • Share your subject matter expertise

  • Engage with new professionals

  • Message up to 15 members per month of a common LinkedIn Group

 So, here is the great news and the reason you are reading this article:

LinkedIn is working on “re-integrating LinkedIn Groups back into the core LinkedIn experience.”

I received an InMail from one of the Product Marketing Managers at LinkedIn (thanks, Chlose Rowshani!) that notified me of this exciting news and the following updates that have already started rolling out to LinkedIn members:

  • Standalone iOS app for Groups will stop working on February 15, 2018

  • LinkedIn Groups will be incorporated into the flagship LinkedIn mobile app

  • Access to LinkedIn Groups will return to homepage

  • Content (i.e. discussions and activity) within LinkedIn Groups will be visible via your homepage feed and notifications

  • Conversations tools within LinkedIn Groups are improving, including the ability to post videos, @mention other members and reply to comments

I believe the same value points remain for LinkedIn Groups and I am looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of using this avenue to engage, as well as focusing my clients again on their potential impact. Remember to think about LinkedIn as an online networking event – LinkedIn Groups are the optimal place to have conversations en-mass.



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