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1 Powerful Way To Bring Value On LinkedIn

content engagement learn linkedin tools networking professional development tips Feb 24, 2021
1 Way To Bring Value

You have more knowledge in your brain than you realize. So, why are you keeping it to yourself in between your ears? It’s time to share your expertise! 

As often as our team at McMillion Consulting talks about the importance of showcasing your expertise through the sections in your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to take it up a notch. 

Publishing articles, authored by you, on LinkedIn is one powerful way to bring value to your network. 

First, you have to get clear on LinkedIn lingo and the difference between posts vs published articles. 

A Post:

Posts have been around since the platform’s inception. Ever notice all of those scrolling updates on your LinkedIn homepage feed? Of course you have: Content shared by your network are examples of posts. They live for as long as the traction they get by the network; meaning, the more reactions, comments and shares your post gets, the longer it will stay “active” and visible on LinkedIn.

Posts are short, sweet and accessible. While the character limit is a whopping 1300, if you exceed this, it’s time to consider publishing an article.

A Published Article:

In 2014, LinkedIn expanded their once influencer-only publishing platform to the entire global membership of LinkedIn. Publishing allows members to write long-form articles about their expertise. 

Unlike their close relative posts, LinkedIn published articles live on your profile and do not expire. 

I’ve published over 70+ articles since 2014 and you can find all of them here. My posts, however, only go back a few months. 


Keep these quick pointers in mind as you start writing your long-form articles:

  • DO NOT use the publishing platform to copy and paste third-party content. This is called plagiarism, folks! Published articles are intended to be written by you. So, how would you go about sharing another publication’s article? You guessed it: Post it as an update on your newsfeed.

  • DO consider adding visuals to your article to enhance your content. I like to include a banner at the bottom of my articles that gives my readers a call-to-action. 

  • DO reply back to reader’s who engage with your articles. This small, but powerful effort will encourage others to join in on the conversation and it will put your article back in front of your network to elicit more readers.

Don’t let your headtrash of “I’m not an expert” be your excuse to not bring value to your network in this way! You have a voice. You have knowledge and expertise. Now you have a way to share it with the world through LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

If this feels daunting to you and if you aren’t sure if you’re even posting other people’s content the right way, rest assured. I’m launching a free training to give you a headstart. The Put A Ring On It Challenge is a five-day, video-led training that will teach you how to bring value to your network in less than 15 minutes a day.

Get yourself registered so you don’t miss out on Day 1 of this step-by-step free training. Once the challenge concludes, I’ll even give you access to the videos for an unlimited time so you can refer back to it as often as you’d like. No excuses! 



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