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Hip, Hip, Hooray! | 3 Ways To Celebrate Your Wins

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3 Ways To Celebrate Your Wins

When was the last time you stopped and celebrated your accomplishments? 

As a business owner, I’m often so busy working toward the next goal that I forget to look back and take in how far I’ve already come. Maybe you can relate. Celebrating your wins might feel indulgent or, dare I say it, unproductive. 

Research shows, however, that taking stock of even small accomplishments can provide just the motivation and confidence you need to push ahead and achieve even more. Not to mention, recognizing success promotes a positive team culture and shields against burnout.  

Last year, I planned my first-ever fancy work dinner with my team to recognize a year full of exciting business firsts. It was such a fun boost to morale that we wondered why it took us so long to celebrate! Every win doesn’t have to mean a nice steak dinner, but even a little something special goes a long way. So, pop the champagne, plan a fun Friday for your team, and try out my three ways to make celebrating your wins a part of your business routine.

Embrace the power of if-then goals. 

Communication experts report that people are more likely to follow through with new behaviors and create habits when their goals are framed as if-then statements. For example, you can cement your intent to respond to emails this afternoon, by transforming it into a clear if-then statement, such as, “If it’s 3 p.m., then I will respond to emails.” It sounds simple enough, but it really works. Linking a trigger to a corresponding reaction in this way provides a kind of memorable “hook” for your brain. 

Using the if-then framework can help you pause to acknowledge important milestones. Make your “if” definitive and easy-to-measure for best results. Depending on your business model, that might include statements like: “If we reach 10,000 subscribers on our newsletter, then we will plan a giveaway,” or “If we get featured in a local news article, then we’ll host a catered team lunch.” Consider what big achievements you wouldn’t want to pass you by, and write them down as if-then goals.

Use a visual tracker.

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about seeing my progress that keeps me motivated to keep going. If you’ve ever used a fitness watch or joined an exercise class with a group leaderboard, you have probably felt the adrenaline rush when you close your rings, beat your personal best, or move up in the rankings. The same is true for your business goals. Since I joined Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program a few years back, I’ve been hooked on his philosophy of "The Gap And The Gain". It offers a map of progress and helps you visualize where you’ve improved and where you’ve fallen short. 

Whether it’s the same chart or something else, I’d encourage you to find a way to transform your biggest business goals into something you can see as you make progress. When you close the gap, that’s your cue to pause, reflect, and high-five your team. 

Find your people. 

Celebration is as much a communal experience as it is personal. I’ve found that remembering to celebrate your wins is much easier when you surround yourself with people who are invested in you and your personal and professional success. Chances are, they’ll remind you of your success even when you forget. That’s why community is so critical. 

Even solopreneurs need people to support and encourage them. If you don’t already have a small group of people who know how things are going at work, seek out a mastermind group, a peer mentor group, or a coaching cohort. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for my peer group of entrepreneurs, my business coach, and my family—they’re such big supporters of all that I’m doing, and having them in my corner to cheer me on and pick me up is essential.

Whether it’s with your family and friends or within your own team, explore ways to promote a culture of encouragement and celebration. It can be as small as keeping a celebration drawer in the office stocked with balloons and treats to mark an occasion or creating a #wins channel on Slack where your team can shout out exciting milestones. 

Whether you’re an expert at remembering to celebrate your own success or you’ve never been one to toot your own horn, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and make time to recognize all that you’ve accomplished. Chances are, it’s even more than you realize. I’m raising a glass to you! 

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