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Anatomy of a Win: The Tool Walker McKay Uses to Speed Up His Sales Cycle

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Anatomy of a Win: Walker McKay

Here at McMillion Consulting, we love cheering clients on and celebrating their wins. Our Anatomy of a Win series showcases stories from professionals who experienced a notable business victory as a result of implementing a tool or strategy they learned from our work together.

Walker McKay is a sales trainer and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he’s coached more than 200 sales teams across nearly 100 industries. Walker’s No BS Sales School Podcast equips sales leaders to sell more without being cheesy or deceptive. He’s one of those people who is simply amazing at what he does. 

Walker and I have known each other for a long time, and I’ve learned so much from him.  He’s taught me just about everything I know about sales. Over the years, I’ve been a resource for him, too. 

“I have gained lots of strategies and tools from Lindsey. I can attribute about half my revenue every year to LinkedIn,” Walker said.

Recently, Walker came to me with a specific goal. He’s since applied one simple tool I gave him, and he’s seen pretty remarkable results from it in just a short time. Let’s take a look at how Walker speeds up his sales cycle on LinkedIn with this powerful technique. 

The Challenge

Walker wanted to get more new business from LinkedIn. Luckily, he had already established a strong foundation. His presence on LinkedIn is professional, consistent, and effective. He’s built a great following. 

“Lindsey’s shown me how to present myself in a transparent and effective way,” Walker said.

While Walker already knew how to nurture a strong online presence, he was ready to find and connect with even more prospects on LinkedIn. He wanted to turn followers into connections, and ultimately, even clients. That’s where the strategy came in. 

The Strategy 

I taught Walker a tool I love to use myself and teach my clients all the time. Instead of just accepting connection requests, Walker now responds to every request he accepts.

“Based on Lindsey's coaching, I accepted the invitations and responded, ‘Hey, thanks for reaching out and asking me to connect with you. I'm happy to do that. I’m always curious though, what was it that made you want to link with me?’” Walker said. 

He implemented my strategy right away. With just a little bit of extra effort, Walker began transforming normal LinkedIn interactions into business opportunities. 

The Win 

This seemingly small change created big results for Walker. In just 10 days, he had already scheduled several promising meetings. 

“Just by doing that quick response, I've set four sales appointments and have been invited to be on a podcast. In the past, people asked to connect, and I just accepted without any engagement.” 

Walker said that two of his sales calls in the first month of implementing this technique were worth more than 5,000 dollars each. He’s proof that early engagement can speed up your sales cycle and generate valuable opportunities.

I’m thrilled to see how Walker will continue to generate new business on LinkedIn and help even more people become better at sales. 

Interested in being featured in our next Anatomy of a Win article? Let me know. I’d love to hear how McMillion Consulting has propelled your business forward. 

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