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1 Simple & Overlooked Tool To Boost Your Brand

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1 Tool To Boost Your Brand

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, a great LinkedIn company page can serve you and your network well.

When you think about LinkedIn, you might only think about growing your network, building your personal profile and sharing content—too often, the company page gets overlooked.

But did you know that your LinkedIn company page is a great way to build traction for your business and spark engagement with employees? A simple content schedule combined with sharing employee posts can drive traffic to the page and give your business a leg-up over the competition.  

So where do you start?

Set up a company page and make sure it is up to date.

1. If you need to make one from scratch, click the work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn home page and then select “Create a Company Page” like shown below. If you already have a page, make sure all the information is still relevant and complete.


2. Fill out all of the page details and be sure to add your logo with a tagline. Once you’re set up, swap out the background photo with a fresh one using the pencil icon (dimensions are 1128 x 191 pixels).


3. Invite your network to follow the page. LinkedIn makes it simple to build a following by adding a function under “Admin tools” to invite your network to follow. Select your connections that are the best fit and send out invitations.


Engage and track trends.

1. Check out your page’s analytics and click into each category to find trends on most-engaged content, followers, impressions and more.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.58.45 PM.png

2. Schedule time to monitor the data once a month. Use the information to find areas where you can improve and engage more effectively.

Get your team involved.

1. Add additional administrators to your page using the admin tools.


2. To lighten the load and get others involved, have your team track engagement and create posts on a regular schedule.

A stellar company page shouldn’t be overlooked. Set aside time to create and update the page, engage with your network and involve your team.

Here are a few more ways to boost your company presence:

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  • For advice on posting engaging content, read our blog Give Them a Reason



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