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Do You Have What It Takes?

career leadership linkedin tools marketing professional development social selling young professionals Nov 04, 2020
Do You Have What It Takes?

The countdown is on: Less than 2 months to go in 2020. Many of you likely started your countdown when the murder hornets made their appearance earlier this year. Others of you are having your best year ever and want to cling just a bit longer to the ride. Either way, the clock is ticking and you have a choice to make:

Stay stuck in the yuck of 2020.

Punch through the remainder of 2020 with gusto.

Assuming you fall into the latter camp and want a shot in the arm of focus and optimism, you’re in the right place...But do you have what it takes?

 As I write this blog for you, I am listening to Queen’s Under Pressure.


We are constantly under pressure, aren’t we? Typically, in some form or fashion we are under pressure. 

As you look at the time left in 2020, consider these three focus areas to help get you in goal-setting mode and alleviate that would-be year end pressure:

  1. Corporate Development

  2. Professional Development

  3. Personal Development

Before diving in, it’s important to acknowledge that three areas may have overlap and that’s okay. Just begin. Give yourself the freedom to stumble through the process. My goal in writing this post: Move yourself to action because I know you have what it takes, you just have to believe it too.

Corporate development.

As you wrap up the year, your company may extend dedicated time to reflect on this year and plan for next year. If that’s the case, feel free to hop on down to the other two sections of this post. However, if that’s not the case, I highly encourage you to incorporate this area of focus when goal setting.

  • In what ways are you enhancing your organization?

  • What have you done this year to positively impact the organization’s mission and vision?

  • How are you contributing to its growth?

  • What will you start or stop doing in 2021 to propel the development of your organization?

For our team, we finally developed a way of expanding our reach through the release of, not only, our upcoming free webinar (snag your seat here!), but also the launch of our first online course. This idea has been brewing for some time now and with people hungrier than ever to learn, grow, and stay relevant amidst the pandemic, it was time. Through the training webinars, we’re opening up access to purchase the course (until November 20th) and class starts on the following Monday...We are SO excited. 

This corporate development for McMillion Consulting will continue in 2021 as we continue to evolve and create greater impact. 

How are you committing yourself to corporate development in 2021?

Professional development.

In what ways are you investing in your career? I am fortunate to be a part of multiple peer groups; all of which culminate to my board of directors. To ignite some inspiration, here is a sampling of the ways I invest into myself to help me progress professionally:

  • Strategic Coach (for the past three years)

  • Private business coach (starting in December and I can’t wait!)

  • Two study groups made up of other CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders

  • Purchased two digital courses to help me learn new skills

Maybe you are a more seasoned executive. Are you a member of a trusted peer group? Who can you lean on for an unbiased business opinion? Who do you respect that can hold you accountable to your goals? 

What are you doing to push yourself professionally to the next level in 2021?

Personal development.

Personal development is equally important to corporate and professional development. When you neglect this third focus area when goal setting, you are inhibiting your chances of succeeding in the other two developmental areas.

In 2013, I participated in the inaugural Successful Entrepreneurship series in Greenville, where I got to hear Dan Waldschmidt speak. Something he said stayed with me: 


When your professional and personal worlds work in harmony together, it is amazing what can be accomplished. I also love the fact that you are 67% more likely to hit your goals when you write them down AND share them with someone. 

Do not keep your goals private. Period.

  • Do you want to exercise a certain number of times next year to get stronger and more confident?

  • Do you want to schedule your PTO (paid-time-off) in advance so you actually give yourself multiple breaks throughout the year to mentally recharge?

  • Do you want to apply for a leadership program or an audition or a new class to tap into a new hobby?

The lesson here is that your ability to hit your goals may have less to do with you being motivated than it does with having accountability to those goals. Also, test your goals against the SMART goal guidelines and be prepared to make adjustments along the way. Give yourself some grace and remember: Progress over perfection. Back to Queen…


Sitting on a fence and not taking action yields nothing. No change. No movement. Do not fall into the ‘paralysis by analysis’ trap.

Take these three development thrusts: corporate, professional, personal and carve out time for goal setting in these focus areas. By devoting time to goal setting, you mitigate potential pressure overload. 

So, when have you reserved the time in your calendar to take action?

Let me get you started by inviting you to my upcoming free webinar, 3 Simple & Powerful Ways to Crush It on LinkedIn so that you can get traction now on those corporate, professional and personal goals. In the webinar, I’ll also be sharing details about how to get access to my upcoming course to lock in your spot before the cart closes. Register for one of the webinar times before the we go live with the first on Tuesday, November 10th.

I know you have what it takes. I can’t wait to help you crush your goals. 

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