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Maybe It’s Time To Call In An Expert

executives experts general linkedin tools professional development strategy Aug 10, 2021
Maybe It's Time To Call In An Expert

Have you ever had a moment when you realized you were in over your head? Maybe you were drowning in tax paperwork, navigating a new software program, or securing permits for your office space. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that sometimes, a pull-up-your-bootstraps attitude is all you need to conquer the day’s challenge. But other times, you’re much better served by a healthy dose of humility and the number of a great accountant. 

Knowing when to push yourself and when to call in an expert is easier said than done. I can relate. In the early days of my business, I recognized the need for a strong social presence, even beyond LinkedIn. Because I’m “LinkedIn Lindsey,” people often assume I’m a social media expert, but as I like to say, LinkedIn is the sandbox I play in and stay in! So, producing consistent content and building my social following on my new business Instagram account and other social platforms have actually never been my forte. After trying at first to do it all myself, then delegating social media to my team, I quickly realized that to create the strong, impactful brand presence I wanted, I needed to call in an expert. The reality is that I will always be intimately involved with my business presence on social media. Rather than delegating that aspect of my business completely, I rely on experts to guide me and support me in the right direction. 

I’m so grateful for Hannah and her talented team at gobananasocial who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping me stay relevant, organized, and on-brand on social media! 

Maybe you’re in the same boat. If so, let this be your reminder that it’s okay to admit that you’re not an expert in everything! In fact, the best leaders know their limits. So, instead of falling prey to the lie that you have to know it all and do it all on your own, take stock of where you want to improve, and how an expert might be able to provide the power boost you need to make a real difference. Here are a few signs that it might be time to call in an expert. 

You don't have time in your day or your week to add something new. 

Let’s be realistic. No matter how talented you are (and you’re very talented!), you still have the same 24 hours each day as everyone else. Even if you’re capable of learning something new, you may already be maxed out with your current commitments. There’s no shame in asking for help! Instead of setting yourself up for burnout, be strategic about doing what you do best and gaining key insights from people who specialize in the areas you want to improve. 

You're lacking a fresh perspective.

Maybe you’ve been in your industry your entire career, but you realize you’re hitting the same nails with the same hammer over and over again. Or, you and your team have worked well together for so long that it’s difficult to see your challenges through a new lens. It may be time to broaden your toolset! The help of an expert could be just the thing to help you cultivate a new skill or tackle business problems more effectively. 

The possible benefits outweigh the cost of hiring an expert.

Is there any area of your business that, if significantly improved, would have long-lasting business implications? What if your sales funnel increased to three times its current size? What if you could attract larger clients faster? Instead of picking away at a huge problem little by little, hiring an expert who provides relevant, actionable knowledge will always be worth the investment. 

Remember, experts need other experts. Some days, you’ll be the smartest in the room about something you know and love, and others, you’ll be the one learning. That’s okay! Celebrate the ways you can contribute to others and don’t be shy about bringing in someone who excels at something else to propel your business to the next level. 

Are managing relationships, improving your sales processes, or elevating your reputation on that list of ways you want to improve? If so, maybe I’m the expert you’re looking for. I train teams (as small as two people) and groups (up to hundreds of people) on how to use LinkedIn to create more impact through more business opportunities. I love equipping my audiences with tools they can implement right away to make a difference in the way they work. 

As an international keynote speaker and prospecting trainer, nothing excites me more than seeing the light bulb go off for my clients when I speak. As you look at your upcoming calendar of events, what annual meetings, conferences and meetings need a dynamic speaker that shows up with energy, inspiration and implementable tactics that can yield millions of dollars of revenue? Let's connect to explore a conversation together and how I can share what I know with you that is guaranteed to make a lasting impact.



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