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Connections Made Easy

learn linkedin tools networking strategy tips Jun 08, 2021
Connections Made Easy

If you’re using LinkedIn well, then you’re making new connections regularly. When you think about the 1st degree connections you have made on LinkedIn over the years, take a moment to think about all the people who have:

  • Moved to a new employer

  • Been promoted

  • Changed industries

  • Started their own company

Who do you need to reconnect with? Who needs to hear from you?

Having connections is awesome, but it can be difficult to manage them for easy access. Wouldn't it be great if you export your connections all in one place so you could finally organize the list and take it with you outside of LinkedIn?

Well, you can! Here’s a little-known trick to export your connections into one master spreadsheet.

Follow these steps:

1. From LinkedIn’s desktop homepage, find the top menu bar and select “Me.” It’s the one with your (hopefully) smiling face on it!

Select Me from the top menu bar.png
2. From the drop down menu, click “Settings & Privacy.”
Select Settings & Privacy (1).png
3. From the left navigation menu, from “Data privacy,” head to “How LinkedIn uses your data.”
From menu on left side, select how linkedin.png
4. Once you’ve opened the menu on the right side, select “Get a copy of your data.” This will bring up options where you want to select “Want something in particular?” Now, just check Connections and click the “Request archive” button on the bottom.
Request Archive (check buttons).png
5. The blue button will change to grey as LinkedIn processes your request. After about ten minutes, LinkedIn will send an email to your primary email address saying that the download is ready.
Untitled design (17).png
6. Once your data is ready, the grey button will turn from “Request pending” to an active button that says “Download archive.” Click the new button and you will receive a copy of all your connections in one place!
Untitled design (16).png

Pro tip: Remember this spreadsheet does not automatically update as you gain new connections. As your network expands, download a new version; we recommend doing this 1-2x each year.

LinkedIn exports the following information about each of your 1st degree connections:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Primary employer

  • Primary title

  • Primary email address (if the connection elected to share this)

  • When you connected

So, what's next? You decide:

  • Incorporate this exported list into your own prospecting and nurturing process

  • Hire me to teach you how to implement The CRROWN Method™ that gives you a strategic approach to tapping into your warmest market to yield results

The possible conversations sitting in your existing LinkedIn network are limitless. 

PS: If you feel like you could use a little help in the area of building your network, I suggest checking out my free 9 Weekly Habits of a LinkedIn MVP guide on how to grow your network.



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