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Why LinkedIn Should Be Your #1 Social Selling Tool

career company page networking profile quick tip recruiting sales social selling strategy Jun 20, 2023
LinkedIn Should Be #1 Social Selling Tool

By now, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “social selling.” If not, here’s a little refresher. Social selling is a technique that leverages social media to build strong relationships with prospects before ever soliciting a sale. In an age of skepticism, social selling allows you to develop genuine trust by letting possible buyers into their worlds. 

While any social media platform from TikTok to Instagram, and more can be used for social selling, I think LinkedIn is the most powerful social selling tool available. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should consider LinkedIn to be your number one social selling tool.

1. Decision-makers are on LinkedIn. 

With 930 million members from more than 200 different countries and territories across the globe, LinkedIn is the place to find and connect with professionals. Your buyers, whether they’re CEOs, lawyers, or project managers, likely have a presence on LinkedIn and will check you out there, too. 

2. LinkedIn allows you to speak to a captive audience.  

Even though the people you want to sell to might be members on platforms like Facebook, they’re probably not there to find a CPA or hire a new printing vendor. LinkedIn is a professional space where your audience will be ready to hear about your business. On other platforms, your social selling attempts can feel disparate from the personal and entertaining content there. 

3. LinkedIn is designed to support business. 

A few months ago, I had the frustrating experience of trying to find a holistic health practitioner my friend had recommended on her Instagram account. Because the information had been shared via a story, I wasn’t able to track it down, even after several messages back and forth with my friend. Valuable content is harder to lose on LinkedIn, where user activity is saved to user profiles. That doctor might have had a new patient in me if her information was shared on LinkedIn instead! 

4. LinkedIn empowers professional communication. 

You don’t have to slide into prospects’ DMs to get your message across. LinkedIn makes it easy to broadcast your message in a way that’s both personal and professional. For just one example, consider the LinkedIn newsletter feature, which automatically sends out a super professional, branded email to all your subscribers when you publish a new article. 

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5. LinkedIn provides insights into what your network finds valuable. 

More than other platforms, LinkedIn offers information about what your network likes and finds interesting by surfacing their comments and reactions in your feed. That means you’ll get a front-row seat if one of your connections strikes up a friendly debate in the comments section of someone else’s post—even someone you’re not connected to. You can use that info to find points of connection, build relationships, and create helpful content. 

Social media, in all its forms, holds important value for businesspeople, but LinkedIn takes the cake when it comes to social selling. From helping you get in front of the right people to giving you insight into the prospects you care about, LinkedIn is full of great features to support sales. 

Eager to jump in on LinkedIn and start social selling? Step one is making sure your LinkedIn profile offers a personal and professional glimpse into who you are. If you need an overhaul, I can help. The Profile Transformer™ is the easiest and most painless way to create a strong first impression on LinkedIn. Click here or the banner below to learn more.


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