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Anatomy of a Win: How Frank DiMeglio 10x His Visibility

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Anatomy of a Win: Frank DiMeglio

Here at McMillion Consulting, we love cheering clients on and celebrating their wins. Our Anatomy of a Win series showcases stories from professionals who experienced a notable business victory as a result of implementing a tool or strategy they learned from our work together.

From the days of his youth working in his dad’s pizzeria, connecting with the locals, to taking his first internship as a financial representative in college, a decision that would change the trajectory of his life, Frank Di Meglio was called to impact lives. 

Frank is a natural leader. So when the career path to attain the highest level of leadership within a Northwestern Mutual network presented itself early in his career, Frank knew his destiny lay in front of him. 

Frank met Lindsey midway through his leadership track in New Jersey. Staying in touch and working together over the years, when Frank earned his position as Managing Partner in Downtown Milwaukee, it was time to re-engage.

The Challenge

Packing up his family to move from New Jersey to Wisconsin was no small feat, but one that they were thrilled to take on. With this transition came the focus of establishing Frank’s new network and reputation in the Greater Milwaukee business community.

“I wanted my network to understand my new role as Managing Partner,” Frank said. “I have worked with Lindsey for years and have seen how clear and easy-to-read her client’s LinkedIn profiles are. I know she has a skill that I don’t possess!”

With this move and new promotion, it was the perfect time to inform his network of his more than sixteen-year tenure in the financial services industry and help them learn about his vision for impacting this new community.

The Strategy

Frank decided to invest in The Profile Transformer™, a professional service Lindsey has been providing clients to overhaul their LinkedIn presence for more than a decade. 

Frank shares, “Through Lindsey’s fact finding of me, it allowed me to tell my story of what I do, who I am, and what it is that I’m looking to achieve…All through my LinkedIn profile.”

Working with business executives makes it imperative for this process to be efficient, pain-free, and fun. One phone interview and a twenty-minute review later, a digital footprint on the most influential business tool in the world [LinkedIn], can be completely transformed into a stronger, more professional, and more accurate reflection of one’s reputation.

Like many clients in leadership roles, this strategy not only establishes credibility, but it also attracts top talent for recruitment efforts.

The Win

In just a short time, “I have more than 10x my profile views than before working with Lindsey!” Frank exclaims. “It was a great experience, one in which I felt heard and my profile in a new role and in a new market reflects who I am today and I hope helps attract others to our firm.”

Wow. Talk about exponential reach!

Talk about a breakthrough: Delegating an important aspect of business to an expert and experiencing a win! We’ll have more of that, please.

I’ll always be a fan of Frank! I’m grateful to have been able to support him through his investment in himself with The Profile Transformer™. I know he will continue to make the tremendous impact he desires and this is just the beginning. As his trusted LinkedIn advisor, I am grateful to be a part of his amazing success!

If you’re a little stuck when it comes to your profile, I’d love to help. The Profile Transformer™ engagement takes away the guesswork and heavy lifting for you, delivering a LinkedIn presence you can feel confident is putting your best foot forward. This proven process is straightforward to systematically revamp your profile the right way.


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