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Why Your Company Should Be On LinkedIn

engagement linkedin tools networking strategy tips training Aug 31, 2021
Why Your Company Should Be On LinkedIn

Having a website has become a prerequisite to starting a business. If your business doesn’t exist online, well, it may as well not exist. That’s because being found is critical to gaining traction. Whether you like it or not, your prospects are vetting you online, sometimes before they even begin a conversation with you. LinkedIn is also an essential part of establishing your company’s digital presence, so if your business does not already have a presence on LinkedIn, it should. Not convinced? Let me see if I can change your mind.

Get found faster.

If you’ve ever been to a networking event or conference, you probably can relate to that frustrating feeling when someone’s name is right on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite remember it. In some cases, you might even recall where someone works although his or her name escapes you. That’s one reason why it is recommended to associate your name and personal profile with your company’s LinkedIn page.

When considering your professional presence on LinkedIn, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you and follow up on business opportunities, even if they forget how to spell your last name. Your company page provides another entry point for people to reach you. Creating a connection between you and your company is simple. Just by listing your current company in your work experience, your beautiful face and headline will automatically populate under the “People” tab of your company page.



Reap more value over time. 

Just like a website, your LinkedIn company page is more of a dimmer switch than an on-off switch. In other words, leads won’t start flowing in automatically just because you have a company page. The value of your page increases over time as you drive your clients, prospects, and network to it. 

That said, even a relatively inactive page is better than no company page at all. Even if you are not posting content regularly, it validates your company’s existence when prospects click through from an employee profile and populates the professional business logo that appears within the personal profile under work experience. 

With time, however, the value of your company page should grow as you generate relevant industry content. Note that only your company page followers will be notified of your company posts, so it’s important for your team to extend the reach of your company content by sharing it to their personal networks. Over time, your company page following should grow, too.

Showcase your team. 

As an impressive, accomplished professional yourself, chances are, your teammates are pretty awesome, too. Just as your personal profile provides a way for prospects to validate your credibility, your company page offers a helpful overview of your entire team.

By gathering together a team of profiles, a company page provides a thorough overview of your team’s strengths, even more than the “About” page of your company website.

Your company page can also be a team effort. While I always recommend limiting access to your personal LinkedIn profile, a company page is something that should be delegated to one or more members of your team. In fact, it’s recommended to maintain at least two company page administrators to ensure you always have seamless access to the page, even as your team changes.

If your company is not on LinkedIn today, introduce the LinkedIn world to who you are, what you do, and why.

Don’t know where to start? I’d love to help. In addition to The Profile Transformer™ and The Profile Team Approach™ projects, building and launching company pages is a service we provide to clients. The two projects are often completed in tandem since they are interrelated. Every company page project I take on includes a master template, so my clients can easily make tweaks in the future. Book a brief call with me to explore your objectives and how I can help you.




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