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Celebrate The Season With Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Celebrate The Season With Company Page

Feeling festive? Whether you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer or draw attention to an important company initiative, don’t forget the power of your LinkedIn company page to make a statement. Just because you need to keep information like your website URL and contact information constant and accessible, doesn’t mean the rest of your company page needs to remain static. Try out these tips to embrace your company page as a dynamic, visual tool for celebrating the season. 

1. Tell a story with your company page tagline.  

Typically, your company page tagline serves as your space to tell the world what you do and why, but if you’re celebrating a seasonal holiday, promoting a company initiative, or supporting an important cause, your tagline offers prime real estate on your LinkedIn page to provide context and summarize your overall message. 

At the time of publication, LinkedIn offers 120 characters, including spaces, within your company page tagline field to share your story. While that might not sound like much room to tell a story, you would be surprised just how much you can say in that seemingly small space. Segment off part of your tagline to reinforce a current campaign or take the full space to draw attention to a timely message you want your audience to hear. 

2. Create visual interest in your cover image.  

When people visit your LinkedIn company page, one of the first areas they are likely to notice is the wide banner image at the top of your page. Because your cover image doesn’t have to be as recognizable as your page logo, you have more freedom to have fun (while of course, staying on brand). Whether you choose to swap your photo out for a few days or a few months, it’s a great way to keep things fresh and interesting on your company page.

During the month-long celebration of McMillion Consulting’s 5th Birthday, we used our cover image to highlight our Big 5 Giveaway. 

Before you swap out your background for a festive new graphic, beware of the common background image pitfalls. I see these all the time on LinkedIn, and they diminish the impact of whatever you’re trying to communicate. 

  • First, be mindful of cover photo dimensions. The correct dimensions seem to change frequently, so before you prepare a gorgeous new graphic, confirm the correct sizing on LinkedIn’s image specifications page

  • Second, if you include text or key graphics in your cover image, always test the image to make sure nothing is covered or cut off by the logo image. Your message will get muddied or lost if no one can read it. 

3. Spark delight with a custom logo. 

I love when a familiar brand catches my attention with a subtle, clever logo variation. The best seasonal logos give a nod to the holiday or cause they’re promoting, but are still very recognizable. In the examples below, you don’t have to work hard to quickly determine the brand and the holiday these logos represent. 

Unlike your headline or cover image, people don’t need to visit your LinkedIn company page to see your new logo in action. Your company logo will appear in the feed whenever your company posts or interacts with users on the platform. Because of this, your company logo offers an excellent way to pique interest and push people to your page to experience the full intent of your seasonal or cultural campaign. 

4. Share timely assets with your team.

Remember that the value of your company page increases as you attract people to it. If you don’t create an engagement plan around your fresh new company page look, there’s a good chance it won’t have the impact you envision. Instead, extend your seasonal efforts to people on your team, too. The reach of your team’s networks will be much greater than that of just your company page. 

For the most consistent and effective results, equip your team with the right assets to bring attention to your company page and message. This might be as simple as sharing suggested headline language, post suggestions, and one or two personal background photo options. (Note that the dimensions of a personal profile background photo are different from company page cover photos, so I do not recommend having your team simply reuse the same cover photo file you use on your company page.) You can also encourage your team to like, share, and comment on your company posts to draw more eyeballs to your message.

Of course, these tips are not limited to jingle bells and snowmen. You can transform your company page to add a megaphone to any message that matters to your business. Is your company hiring? Are you prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion? Let your network know using this same technique. Whether you’re celebrating the most wonderful time of the year or drawing attention to an important issue, you can always leverage the dynamic elements of your company page to say it with style. 

Regardless of your message or campaign, don’t forget to change your page back when the month or season ends. There’s nothing worse than making it deep into February only to find that you forgot to take your Christmas wreath down. End strong and close out your campaign in a timely manner. I recommend creating a folder of all your standard LinkedIn imagery and copy and setting calendar events or timers to make the switch back to normal simple and seamless.

Speaking of holiday spirit, I have a special gift with your name on it. Claim your very own Rock Your LinkedIn Profile Guide for free now and get a jumpstart on your New Year resolutions. This simple guide will take the guesswork out of optimizing your LinkedIn profile and help you build confidence in your ability to make lasting impressions.



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