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Take Note: LinkedIn Content to Emulate

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3 Habits To Ditch This Year

We can talk about principles and theories all day, but sometimes, it’s helpful just to see it. Instead of giving you tips to nail LinkedIn content or a tried-and-true process for creating posts, I’m flipping the script. These three folks, personal LinkedIn connections of mine, offer a glimpse at how to crush it on LinkedIn. They’re in different industries with different audiences, but they have great content in common. Check them out to find a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! 

Cait Donavan

Speaker, Podcast Host, and Burnout Expert 
Take Note: professional yet fun, balanced content types, helpful

I love following Cait because her content is engaging, relevant to her work, and offers a pleasant mix of content. I can instantly recognize her posts in my feed before I even spot her name because it’s so on-brand. From the colors she uses to the topics she covers, it all just feels so “her.” Plus, Cait is great at offering practical, actionable information on LinkedIn. I love that she doesn’t gatekeep her vast knowledge but still piques your interest to dive in deeper. 

Diann Wingert

Psychotherapist-Turned-Strategist, Coach 
Take Note: regular newsletter, multimedia content, highly visual

I can always count on Diann for a helpful dose of weekly content as a subscriber to her newsletter. But beyond that, she’s also figured out how to capture attention in the Feed. Her posts are always engaging, with great visuals and helpful content. I love that she uses a blend of photos and videos but still adds great, story-style captions. She knows how to create content that has something for everybody. She’s helpful without being preachy—a great tone to aim for on LinkedIn! 

Ed McGill

Wealth Management Advisor, Co-Founder, Partner
Take Note: topic variety, regular posting, great engagement

Scroll through Ed’s recent activity and you’ll see a great mix of post topics—from community involvement to team initiatives and more. Ed is also great at joining the conversation in the comments and reposting other posts and articles. That’s exactly the approach I recommend when it comes to LinkedIn content. What I love about his example is that it proves you don’t need to have your own podcast or book to author great posts on LinkedIn. Anyone can do it with a little practice! 

We all learn differently. Some are abstract thinkers who can apply a process to real life easily. Others need examples. That’s where these examples come in. Remember, your content won’t be identical to anyone else’s.—and it shouldn’t be! But seeing how someone else does it can be helpful. 

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