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Level Up with LinkedIn Learning

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Level Up With LinkedIn Learning

According to a 2023 LinkedIn learning report, the skillsets required for jobs have changed 25 percent since 2007, and that number is expected to double by 2027. If that doesn’t motivate you to crush your learning goals, I don’t know what will! Perhaps, LinkedIn Learning, a giant encyclopedia of online knowledge, can help. LinkedIn Learning offers LinkedIn users a platform to explore a wide range of topics. From gaining the skills for a specific role to becoming a better leader, there’s a whole world of resources available. While this giant library of content has been around since 2016, I’m surprised to discover that most of my clients didn’t know it existed. Especially for Premium users (more on that below), it’s a hugely valuable resource. Read on to learn what it is, who it’s right for, and how to use it. 

Exploring LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers courses across three core subjects: business, technology, and creative. Altogether, more than 5,000+ courses are available to explore. To find a course, search for a topic that interests you or browse from one of the subject pages. Here’s a glimpse at the Business page.

On each core subject page, you can explore relevant courses via: 

    • Role Guides, a selection of courses based on a job title
    • Learning Paths, a collection of courses clustered around specific goals like “Become a Data Analyst” 
    • Topics, lists of relevant keywords within the subject such as Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and more
    • Software, course content related to learning a specific tool like Java or Photoshop 

Once you zero in on the topic or skill you want to learn, you can start browsing individual course options. To find the perfect course, you can check out reviews and ratings from other users and see how long a course will take to complete, as well as if it offers a certificate. 

Using LinkedIn Learning to Reach Your Goals 

One benefit of LinkedIn Learning is that it allows you to seamlessly demonstrate your knowledge on your LinkedIn profile. Many, but not all, LinkedIn Learning courses offer certificates. 

So, if your goal is, for instance, to make a lateral career move into marketing strategy, LinkedIn Learning can help you in two ways. First, it can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. And second, it offers visible proof of your skills to recruiters. That’s a win-win! 

Something else to consider—LinkedIn Learning can be a low-stakes way to explore a different industry or role. Not sure if you want to go for that big promotion? Find a course related to the role first and try it on for size. Your interest (or disinterest) in the topics covered can provide clarity on your next career move. 

Deciding if LinkedIn Learning is Right for You

LinkedIn Learning can be a great way to train your team, explore a possible career path, and level up your knowledge. Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. 

Cost: If you already pay for LinkedIn Premium, I have good news for you! LinkedIn Learning is available at no additional charge. Otherwise, you can try LinkedIn Learning for free for a month before you’ll have to spring for a subscription. LinkedIn gives you the option of purchasing LinkedIn learning for yourself or a set number of team members. As with most subscriptions, you’ll pay less per month with an annual contract.*

*Individual access is $19.99/mo with an annual subscription or $39.99/mo with a monthly subscription at the time of publication.

Scope: One benefit of LinkedIn Learning is the vast scope of topics to explore. There are literally thousands of hours of video content to explore. This is great if you have the freedom to dive into anything that looks interesting or if the scope of your interests is broad. However, if your goal is to conquer a single defined milestone (like, say, revamping your LinkedIn profile the right way), you might be better served by paying for a single course outside of LinkedIn. 

Access: LinkedIn allows you to retain certificates for completed courses, even if you discontinue your membership. You will, however, lose access to courses, including courses in progress. That’s something to consider, especially if you’re not already a LinkedIn Premium member. If it’s important to you to have access to your course material for life or if you plan to do your course little by little over an extended period, a one-off course outside of LinkedIn Learning might be a better fit

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. And with the change in skills and roles demanded even in the next five years, you can’t afford to stay stagnant. Whether it’s LinkedIn Learning or some other resource, commit to a process that will allow you to stay sharp. 

While you're brushing up on your skills, review your LinkedIn profile and add any new certifications. You want to make sure it is an accurate representation of your professional story. If not, it's time to do something about it! Explore The Profile Transformer™ as the done-for-you engagement to level-up your online presence.


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