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How This 1 LinkedIn Prospecting Tactic Can Be A Game Changer For You

learn linkedin tools social selling tips Apr 14, 2021
1 Tactic Can Be A Game Changer

There are dozens of ways to effectively prospect.

Is there a perfect formula that guarantees 100 out of 100 wins every time?

Maybe...And if you know that perfect formula, give me a call!

Now, are there useful prospecting formulas?

Absolutely. In fact, I would guess that any successful salesperson would agree that it is often a combination of multiple tactics that lead to new business deals.

LinkedIn is one communication channel that facilitates sales. I teach specifically the multitude of ways the platform can be used throughout the prospecting process. Ultimately, LinkedIn acts as an entry point for conversation, specifically if you are in a business that requires a live conversation and relationship-building to earn the sale.

To that end, the secret LinkedIn prospecting tactic that can be a game-changer for you is quite simple: Pick up the phone!

My sales trainer, mentor and friend, Walker McKay of No BS Sales School taught me this essential tactic years ago.

Do not fall victim to the belief that LinkedIn is the only gateway to your success.

Our digital world gives us more ways to reach people than ever before, but you must meet people where they are at and one place they are is beside their phone nearly every minute of the workday.

Recently, I was reminded of this critical prospecting tactic when I looked at my referral list. The emails were sent, the LinkedIn invitations and follow-up messages were checked off too, but this one prospecting activity was missing: The phone. I went 3 for 3 in one hour. Three people picked up the phone when I called and all three became clients. Brilliant, right?

Walker, thank you for reminding me (and now, our readers) of this not-so-secret secret to prospecting that can be a game changer.

To take a page from Walker’s book:

You're already good, let me help you get better.

If you have picking up the phone down pat, but feel like you’re missing the additive to effectively prospect on LinkedIn to yield more appointments in your calendar, let’s set up a conversation.

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