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What Is Your LinkedIn ROI?

leadership linkedin tools networking professional development sales success story tips Apr 09, 2021
What Is Your LinkedIn ROI?

How often do you calculate your return on investments?

Whether the answer is always, hardly ever or never, I believe it’s fair to say that some investments are more difficult to calculate than others.  

For example, how do you put a price tag on more freedom” or “more confidence” or “more discipline” or “more consistency?”

To me, committing to personal and professional growth is a form of self-care. The return on investment I receive has an intrinsic value. In early 2018, I invested in Strategic Coach—a program for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business and lean full tilt into their unique ability.

Through Strategic Coach, I quickly learned the importance of "who, not how," or the human side of business. The resulting shift in mindset gave me the confidence to invest in my business, helped me identify my unique abilities, and taught me how to find the right people to join my team. It also led me to other resources like my virtual support team, my business coach Amy, and many other valuable connections. 

The biggest growth comes from admitting that we do not know everything and then bringing other people and tools in to help us move forward to action. 

If you feel like you are wasting time on LinkedIn or confused on where to focus your efforts, my training maximizes your ROI through accountability, ongoing touchpoints, and a fresh set of eyes on your business. Let’s connect for a conversation.

Between now and our conversation, bring others into the mix and download our free guide: 9 Weekly Habits of a LinkedIn MVP. 



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