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3 Tips to Make LinkedIn a Team Sport

career executives leadership marketing profile recruiting strategy team-building young professionals Jul 26, 2022
Make LinkedIn a Team Sport

The camaraderie of a team huddle, the bond of training together, the joy of a championship win—there’s something about the energy of team sports that has always been so exciting to me. While my competitive soccer days are behind me, I’m still the first to sign up for a challenge at my gym or volunteer for a pickup game. I love the satisfaction of working together. 

Of the hundreds of professionals I’ve served over the years, most were also involved in team sports back in the day. Whether they captained their high school hockey teams, swam competitively, or played soccer in college, many of my clients now channel their competitive spirit and athletic discipline into serving clients and leading teams.

All this to say, when I tell you LinkedIn should be a team sport, chances are you probably know what I mean. Just like bringing home a lacrosse championship or clinching the state title in basketball, winning on LinkedIn requires teamwork. In fact, networking by nature involves the help and support of others. If you consider yourself more of a LinkedIn lone wolf, you’re missing out on your potential. Try resetting your mindset with these three tips and tricks, and expect to see your small habits turn into quick progress.

1. Find an Expert

LinkedIn’s Find an Expert feature is a great way to tap into your network and ask for help. When you use this feature, you can find folks with specific expertise easier. Whether you’re looking for someone to review resumes, provide career coaching, or more, the first step is to let others know how they can lend a hand. Ultimately, you never know what kind of ripple effect simply speaking up can create.


2. Introduce Someone 

LinkedIn is a lot like an online networking event. Just as you would in a live event, consider how you can connect people you know with one another. If you work for a large organization, make an introduction from one team member to another. Consider if you know anyone outside of your organization who could benefit from connecting to someone within it, and vice versa. Do you know a student looking for a career opportunity? Connect him or her with a hiring manager. More than likely, your career has benefitted from the kindness and introductions of others, so think like a great teammate and pay it forward. 


3. Share Company News 

Part of making LinkedIn a team sport is celebrating when your team succeeds. Did your colleague recently get promoted? Did someone join your team? Let your network know. Whether you celebrate the team behind an exciting product launch or acknowledge your teammates for winning an industry award, your recognition goes a long way. Not only will your colleagues feel appreciated, but your reposting can also create opportunities for new conversations and connections.

A winning mindset on LinkedIn is a team mindset. Start small until your practices become habits. Over time you’ll see that if you’re generous with your time, introductions, and praise, others will be too. Your network is as much about what you put into it as it is about what you receive from it. 

Good news—there’s more where this came from. If you really want to step up your game and become a LinkedIn MVP, check out my complete guide of tricks and tips, 9 Weekly Habits of a LinkedIn MVP. This free guide will set you up for success with an easy checklist to track your progress and helpful how-tos to equip you to make traction on LinkedIn.



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