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Finding Motivation When You’re Tired

career executives leadership professional development sales strategy Jul 12, 2022
Finding Motivation When Tired

I’ve been reflecting lately on the goals I’ve accomplished in the past several years. Perhaps you can relate. Sometimes, when you’re right in the thick of a new challenge, it’s helpful to remember how you accomplished the last goal. What was it that got you through the slog in the middle of the process?

“Sometimes, when you’re right in the thick of a new challenge, it’s helpful to remember how you accomplished the last goal.”

- Lindsey McMillion Stemann

As I was reflecting, my marathon experiences came to mind. I’ve always considered myself an athlete, though not necessarily a runner, so completing two marathons is a little point of pride for me. The two experiences, however, could not have been more different. 

When I was training for my first marathon, I signed up with a friend. We held each other accountable to our goal and did all of our practice runs together. On our longest training run day, I got sick a few miles in…not pleasant. But you know what? We kept running. With my friend by my side, I knew I could do it. On race day, we stayed on our goal pace the entire time, each of us encouraging the other when we felt like stopping or slowing to a walk. In the end, we stuck with our goal of running the entire race and finished just one second apart from each other. 

Like so many marathon runners, I got the itch again after my first marathon, and decided to try another one. This time, I was all on my own. When my 4 a.m. alarm clock went off on the weekends, it was just me getting up and out the door to keep up with my training schedule. As race day approached, I didn’t have the same confidence as I did in the first race. Ultimately, I ran too fast during the first half of the second marathon and gassed out quickly. Thankfully, despite my desires to quit, my husband jumped on the course with me a few times to keep me going. I finished only four minutes slower than the first marathon, but this second race was a completely different experience.

Both times, I ran a marathon. The first time, however, I met my time goal, and frankly, had a much more fun experience than I did the next time. So what changed? In considering this now with the clarity of space and time, I think the difference was my friend. 

Having someone to hold you accountable, to encourage you when you’re doubting yourself is invaluable to keeping pace toward your goals. When I think back on my professional accomplishments, this idea holds true. Whether I was launching a course, building a new product, or reaching a revenue milestone, I was able to accomplish more and enjoy the process more when I had a partner in crime, so to speak. 

 “Having someone to hold you accountable, to encourage you when you’re doubting yourself is invaluable to keeping pace toward your goals.” 

- Lindsey McMillion Stemann 

Have you ever noticed how accomplishing something with a friend is so much easier, and more enjoyable, than going it alone? People and community are such a vital part of accomplishment. Whether your coach motivates you to do one more push-up or your spouse reminds you why you’re working so hard for a dream you share, having people in your corner makes finding motivation easier when you’re tired. 

Inner Circle six-month champagne goals 

I just wrapped up a six-month group of women entrepreneurs who come together intentionally to support and encourage one another. At the start of our time together, we each covered a bottle of bubbly in our personal and professional six-month goals. It’s a great visual reminder of where we want to be and who is cheering us on as we work toward our goals. 

So here’s a question for you, what are you doing alone right now that you could be doing with someone else? Who do you need to confide in or request accountability from to make traction toward your goals? If you’re feeling stuck, maybe all you need is a little encouragement and community. Find a business mentor, a professional peer group, or a friend who’s for you and let him or her know where you could use some support. 

Another tip if you’re feeling down or a little tired? Accomplish something small. Seeing a small challenge through to fruition is often great encouragement for me that I can tackle the big things, too. A great place to start might be my Put a Ring on It Challenge. Over the course of just 15 minutes a day for five days, you’ll learn what, where, when and how to post on LinkedIn. Plus, when you sign up, you’ll receive a special bonus resource on “all things content” that you won’t want to miss. Check it out and keep soaring toward your goals.



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