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Grow Your Network Faster With Sales Navigator

career executives job seekers networking sales social selling strategy young professionals Feb 22, 2022
Grow Network With Sales Navigator

I recently asked our social media account followers what they want to do better this year, as it relates to LinkedIn. So many of you told me you need help networking. That’s no surprise, because no matter where you are in your career, networking is an essential part of leveling up what you do. 

When it comes to networking on LinkedIn, I’d be remiss not to talk about Sales Navigator. If you’re trying to grow your network, professional contacts or prospects, Sales Navigator can help you do that more efficiently at a larger scale. I’ve rounded up the questions I hear most about Sales Navigator. See how my Sales Navigator philosophy can help you get the most bang for your buck, whether you’re considering buying a Sales Navigator subscription or you’re an existing subscriber looking to improve the way you use your tools. 

Is Sales Navigator worth it? 

Sales Navigator is one of several paid individual subscriptions LinkedIn offers. The short answer is, “yes!” I would say 100 percent of my clients could benefit from a Sales Navigator subscription if they’re ready to commit to learning and building habits around the tool. Sometimes, my clients just want a transformed LinkedIn profile, and that is totally valid and important. 

Is Sales Navigator just for selling? 

No, Sales Navigator is for so much more than selling. Whether you’re a recruiter looking for the perfect candidate, an executive searching for a strategic partner, or a young professional trying to grow your network, Sales Navigator can help.  It’s the easiest way to keep track of and stay organized with the people you have met and want to stay in touch with and the people you want to meet. 

How will subscribing to Sales Navigator affect my current LinkedIn account? 

Sales Navigator is actually a completely separate interface—meaning, you will want to have a LinkedIn shortcut on your toolbar and a Sales Navigator shortcut on your toolbar. While there is a learning curve, it’s a pretty intuitive setup. Most people get the hang of it quickly (and I’m here to help if you need a training session). If you’re hitting the commercial search limit in your free version of LinkedIn, it’s probably time to upgrade to Sales Navigator. There, you’ll have no limits or restrictions on searching (along with many other great tools and perks).

What would you say are the biggest advantages of using Sales Navigator? 

Stacked up against the free version of LinkedIn, Sales Navigator helps you find and target the right people or companies faster. With advanced searching and smart automation, the lead feeder in Sales Navigator is hard to beat. The tool also helps you keep track of lead and company changes easily with real-time updates for everything from job changes and featured in the news to promotions and employer changes One of my favorite parts of Sales Navigator is that the more you use it, the smarter it gets. Over time, it not only keeps you organized but also makes recommendations based on past searches and use.

Still not sure if Sales Navigator is right for you? 

Luckily, LinkedIn offers a range of options at various price points. Even though I’m partial to Sales Navigator, I encourage you to consider all your options.Plus, LinkedIn revamped their Sales Navigator subscription options. My free and easy-to-use comparison guide walks you through all the paid and free LinkedIn plans out there to help you find the one that’s right for you. Check it out!



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