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What To Read This Year

career leadership professional development Jan 25, 2022
What To Read This Year

I've learned to enjoy reading, and I do audio a lot, too 'earbud in.' I’m the kind of person whose “to read” list is longer than I care to admit. Still, there are a few books I find myself picking up again and again. 

Whether reading more was one of your New Year’s resolutions or you’re just looking for a new perspective and a little inspiration, try picking up one of these seven books. They are among my favorite nonfiction reads that you can easily find on Amazon.

 Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

  • What it’s about: Marie Forleo offers an optimistic perspective for overcoming challenges, facing your fears, and conquering your goals. 

  • Why I love it: This book empowered me to problem solve more creatively and reframe challenges I face as opportunities.

  • What it’s about: This book offers a proven solution for how to tell your story in a way that’s compelling. It gives readers a framework for understanding why people buy. 

  • Why I love it: I’ve always been interested in branding, so I love how Donald Miller demystifies the process of creating a compelling brand narrative. If you’re a business owner trying to sell anything, this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf.

  • What it’s about: The Bible gives us a framework for what life on earth is all about and reveals the good news of Jesus redeeming us. 

  • Why I love it: I believe the Bible is the handbook to living life well and I return to it every day for guidance, peace, and conviction.

  • What it’s about:  Psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud draws from years of experience to demonstrate the importance of closing doors. In the book, he unpacks why saying goodbye to a chapter or a relationship can be difficult, but it creates space for new. 

  • Why I love it: Reading this book felt like a sigh of relief. Dr. Cloud provides such freeing permission to stop holding onto things that no longer serve you and others.

  • What it’s about: This book offers a practical method for changing your life by changing your mindset. Circumstances might be out of your control, but with a little discipline, we can create habits of happiness. 

  • Why I love it: I love that this book makes it easy to put learning into practice with short exercises for overcoming doubt, fear, and worry. I find myself picking it up for a renewed perspective from time to time.

The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't by Robert Sutton

  • What it’s about: Stanford Professor Robert Sutton offers a guide for how to deal with bullies and tyrants at work. He also offers advice on how to avoid letting your “inner jerk” come out at work. 

  • Why I love it: Just like the name suggests, this book is a funny, honest handbook that has a lot to say about how to create a healthy workplace culture. Fun sidenote: I found this book in college and wrote a book report on it for one of my classes.

  • What it’s about: In this book, Benjamin Hardy reveals how achieving your goals is often less about striving harder and more about being strategic about your environment. 

  • Why I love it: As someone who naturally works hard, I found this book to be a great reminder to avoid “white-knuckling” my way through difficult tasks and instead try reengineering my surroundings. This book came into my world at the right time and changed my life.

I have a friend who says that when she reads, she exclusively chooses fiction books, but she could listen to a business podcast any day. If curling up with a nonfiction book (or reading in general) is not your thing, try an audiobook instead. Many libraries now offer free audiobook apps, so you can even check out books for free straight from your phone. 

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