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The Secret Weapon You’re Missing

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Secret Weapon You're Missing Open Door

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. But before I do, let me just say this—I think you are talented, capable, and super smart. I’m constantly inspired by people like you who do what they do with such excellence. Keep sharing your talents with the world! 

Now, despite all of your tremendous knowledge and experience, there’s one secret weapon you’re probably missing—the power of an outside perspective.

Getting Outside Your Own Bubble 

No matter how smart you are, we all have our blind spots. It’s human nature to get stuck in your own lane. After all, if the tasks and responsibilities on your plate are ever going to be completed, some amount of zoning in and tuning out is necessary. 

The problem is, sometimes, you simply don’t know what you don’t know. This is certainly true when it comes to LinkedIn. I love being able to provide the teams and individuals we serve with a clear, honest look at their use of LinkedIn. Here’s how a recent client put it: 

“I wanted to give you an earnest thank you. I never realized until your presentation to us last week how weak (and outdated) my profile was.” 

- Caroline B.

Once you get over your discomfort and vulnerability, embracing an outside perspective—whether for your LinkedIn profile or some other aspect of what you do—can be one of the most transformative business decisions you can make. Often, you’ll benefit less from another “you” and more from someone with a completely different angle on the situation. 

What would adding this secret weapon to your normal routine look like for you? Maybe it’s time to schedule a voluntary audit of your current business processes and procedures. Or perhaps, instead of gathering together the same voices to solve a persistent problem, it’s time to find an outside consultant who can bring a fresh sense of energy to your team. 

Selling an Outside Perspective 

The value of a different point of view goes two ways. Just as you can benefit from a new perspective, your unique outlook can be an asset to others. Consider what ideas, skills, or expertise you provide that your clients couldn’t access internally. Instead of shying away from talking about your different background, embrace it as a selling point. In fact, you can even speak to this unique value you provide on your LinkedIn profile. 

Many of our clients tell me they want to work together precisely because I don’t do what they do. You don’t have to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant to provide value to folks in healthcare, law, or finance. My expertise in LinkedIn, combined with the exposure I have to many different industries through our clients, can be a major asset. Here’s what one client said: 

“I hired Lindsey to work with me on a project to relaunch my presence on LinkedIn. I hired her because I did not have the time to focus on this, and I felt a fresh perspective would help. I am happy I did hire Lindsey because she is a professional in this space.” 

- Lester I. 

Perhaps you have a similar secret weapon. Maybe you provide your business owner clients with a bird's-eye view of what’s happening in the broader compliance space. Or, maybe your deep familiarity with group benefits planning can help your customers think beyond their status quo. 

Next time you’re up to bat against an inside player, don’t shy away from the value you provide simply by being an outsider. Frame your differences, both on LinkedIn and in your conversations, as an advantage, because they are! Not knowing everything about the way things work at one company allows you to see weaknesses and opportunities others within the team might miss.

Put it into Practice 

The best way to make a lasting change is to put your learning into practice right away. Because LinkedIn is the sandbox where I love to play, of course I know of a couple ways you gain the secret weapon of an outside perspective on LinkedIn. Start with your profile. Consider, have you ever had someone else give you honest feedback about how you present yourself to the world? Maybe you know you need a little tune-up, but you don’t know where to start.

Enter the The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Examples Guide. It’s chock full of inspiration from other profiles, including 50 LinkedIn Lindsey approved background images to try. Get outside your own professional bubble and discover what it means to have a best-in-class LinkedIn profile. Sign up here for instant digital access to the guide. 

Need a little more hands-on help? Let me know! I’m happy to be the tough-love and fresh eyes you need to improve your use of LinkedIn—whether that’s through a complete transformation of your profile, a hands-on training session, or a live speaking event.  



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