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The Snowball Effect

linkedin tools networking professional development profile development social selling strategy tips training Jan 20, 2021
The Snowball Effect

Did you know that more than 57% of LinkedIn traffic is on the mobile app?

It makes sense, right? Like other social platforms, we want to scroll through our feed and catch updates from our network.

This also means that LinkedIn is optimized for on-the-go networking.

So, I have a challenge for you:
For 3 days this week, I want you to post on LinkedIn.



Think of it like a snowball. The hardest part is the initial push to get the ball rolling. Once you’re moving, the results get bigger and better.

Engaging with your network has the same effect. Here’s just a couple of the many reasons this matters:

  • Reminding your prospects that you’re active and ready to serve

  • Staying top-of-mind for new career opportunities as they become available

  • Developing better relationships with co-workers and your company

  • Generating new leads and nurturing your network

The good news is that it’s never been easier. You can complete this challenge anywhere, anytime on your phone. LinkedIn’s mobile app has 7 recommended post types for you to choose from.

Simply go to your homepage in the mobile app and select Post.


Then, pick from one of the options listed to start your post.


Throughout the week, push yourself to select 3 different options and share with your network.

Don’t stop there: respond to comments, engage with others’ posts and hop into your inbox to start a purposeful conversation with someone.

Traction starts with a push. Consider this your push.




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