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Training For The Win At Work And In Life

career leadership learn professional development strategy tips May 07, 2024
Training For The Win At Work And Life

As a competitive athlete for much of my life, I understand what it means to train toward a goal. It’s not glamorous. Skinned knees, hard work, and even an occasional defeat are par for the course. But, with a little patience, it’s all worth it in the end. 

Though I’m not necessarily competing on the soccer field anymore, I still apply an athlete’s mindset to what I do every day, whether I’m trying to hit a new PR at Orangetheory or reach a new benchmark in my business. The lessons I continue to learn through my current health and fitness journey are applicable far beyond the gym. Of all the things sports can teach you, these are the training truths I keep returning to in order to reach finish lines, in work and in life. 

Get in your reps. 

There’s no replacement for consistency. Regardless of how much talent you possess in the boardroom or the weight room, discipline is essential to shape that natural skill into results. We’ve all heard it said that practice makes perfect, and I’ve seen that to be true time and time again. It’s so gratifying to me to be able to track and measure progress, like my one mile-run time steadily ticking down over the past 18 months. 

Consider asking yourself: How are my daily habits helping or hindering me in my pursuit of a goal? When you find the small steps you need to take regularly to track toward your wins, give them your all. For me, in my own wellness journey, that’s meant carving out time in my busy schedule to show up at the gym regularly. At work, that has meant sticking to a consistent prospecting practice, even when the weeks are busy. 

When you fall, get up and keep going. 

In 2021, I took on the challenge of my first Orangetheory Fitness dry triathlon. Starting with a 2000 meter row, then 300 body-weight reps, and finishing with a 5k treadmill run, completing a “DriTri,” as it’s commonly known, was nothing short of daunting the first time around. I competed again with the goal of beating my first overall time and, preferably, not losing my breakfast at the end of the event like the first performance. The challenge had me excited and the result? I hit a new personal record! That said, it didn't come without its challenges: I walked several times on the treadmill and did not feel as strong in the last leg as I had hoped. The beauty of competing? There will be another opportunity to level up again. 

When you’re swept off your feet by an unexpected hurdle at work or unforeseen news at home, feel it, acknowledge it, and honor it. Then, get up and keep moving. You won’t reach your goals if you’re standing still. 

Keep your eyes on the prize. 

As my friends at Orangetheory Fitness say, “Results happen over time, not overnight.” In nearly every case, I agree. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us know this to be true in our heads, but actually practicing patience and clinging to hope in the monotony of the discipline—phew, that's tough. I’m not a naturally patient person, but I’m in a season of life where I can appreciate that some things take time. Keep showing up, keep your focus forward, and little by little, you’ll accomplish more than you thought you would. You’ve got this!

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