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Hack Your LinkedIn To-Do List with ChatGPT

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Hack Your To-Do List with ChatGPT

Throughout time, technology has transformed the way we work. For most of history, these changes happened slowly, but in the past several decades, innovation has exploded. Just consider the fact that the first cell phone came out just 50 years ago!

On the whole, I think the major advancements in computing and communication of the last half century have largely made work better. I mean, where would I be without wireless internet, virtual meetings, and (of course) social networks like LinkedIn? But change also means growing pains and some skepticism. 

Personally, when it comes to tools like ChatGPT, I’m in the “cautiously optimistic” camp. I think ChatGPT—and AI generally—pose new challenges for professionals, but also many opportunities. In fact, LinkedIn is already leveraging OpenAI and slowly unveiling GPT-powered features across the platform. But you don’t have to wait for access to get started using AI. Let’s take a look at how I recommend using ChatGPT to knock out your LinkedIn to-do list. 


Where to Put ChatGPT to Work


1. LinkedIn Recommendations

Consistently one of the most powerful yet underutilized features of LinkedIn, recommendations color and strengthen your personal narrative. I recommend my clients give a recommendation and request one from someone else about once a quarter. 

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If writing a recommendation stresses you out, get ChatGPT to write it! Give it a couple of parameters, like length and/or tone, as well as a list of qualities you’d like to highlight. Here’s an example for reference. 


Write a 25-75 word recommendation for John. Speak to his leadership, sales, and mentorship skills.


John is an outstanding leader with exceptional sales and mentorship skills. His ability to drive results, motivate his team, and provide guidance is unparalleled. John's strong leadership and mentorship have not only contributed to the success of our sales team but also fostered a culture of growth and excellence. 


2. LinkedIn Content Ideas 

Many of my clients report feeling stuck when it comes to LinkedIn content. “What do I have to say that people want to hear?” they ask me. You’re a wealth of information, I promise! The hardest part of creating content is just getting started. And, that’s where ChatGPT comes in. In a few seconds, the software can spit out a whole list of headlines that might spark an idea. It’s a great way to dig yourself out of a rut and get writing. Check out the example below to see what I mean.   

5 to 10 content ideas related to recruiting for a professional audience navigating a tight labor market


"Innovative Recruitment Strategies: How to Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Job Market"

"Navigating the Talent Crunch: Creative Approaches to Recruiting in a Tight Labor Market"

"The Art of Talent Acquisition: Effective Techniques for Hiring in a Competitive Job Market"

"Recruiting in the New Normal: Strategies to Thrive in a Tight Labor Market"

"Standing Out from the Crowd: Differentiating Your Employer Brand to Attract Quality Candidates"

"Unleashing the Power of Employee Referrals: Building a Strong Talent Pipeline in a Tight Labor Market"

"The Role of Technology in Recruiting: Leveraging AI and Automation to Find the Right Fit"

"Retaining Top Talent: Innovative Approaches to Employee Engagement in a Competitive Labor Market"

"Adapting to the Changing Landscape: Reskilling and Upskilling Strategies for Acquiring Talent in a Tight Labor Market"

"Building Relationships that Matter: The Importance of Networking and Building Talent Communities in a Competitive Job Market"

Will all of the ideas that ChatGPT generates be winners? Absolutely not. But it’s a great place to start. The list above, for example, might jog your memory that you just led a webinar on employee referrals. Why not write about that? 

If coming up with ideas is not the hard part for you, but the actual writing of the article is, ChatGPT can help there too—with a few caveats. (Scroll down to the “Tips and Best Practices” section to read more.) Generally speaking, I recommend using ChatGPT to get you 50 to 75 percent of the way there, rather than copying and pasting whatever it spits out. You’ll still need to make it human, and you’ll still need to make it yours. ChatGPT can take you down the field, but it’s you who makes the touchdown.   


3. Outreach Messages

Building your network or nurturing prospects should be a weekly item on your to-do list. If you just can’t bring yourself to write another personalized invitation or strike up a conversation with a prospect, leverage ChatGPT. LinkedIn’s Recruiter platform is actually already testing an AI-generated message feature, but you can create a similar hack even if you don’t use Recruiter or have feature access just yet.

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Here’s an example of a prompt you might try. 

Write a friendly, professional LinkedIn connection request that's 300 characters or less to someone who works at a company where I want to work requesting to connect 


Hi [Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I came across your profile and was impressed by your experience at [Company]. As someone eager to join [Company], I'd love to connect and learn more about your journey. Thank you!

Best regards,

[Your Name] 

When I read the response above, I have to admit, it sounds a little bit robotic. Personally, I’d use it as a template, but change some of the language to make it sound more like me (and add my contact info after my name. Again, it’s a starting point. You still need to take the task across the finish line. 


Tips and Best Practices to Keep in Mind 

  • Play around with prompts. Feeding ChatGPT the right info to generate a helpful response is more of an art than a science. Don’t be afraid to say the same thing in a few different ways to generate more than one response. I’ve found that more detailed prompts produce better results. Include the goal of your communication and the format, tone, and length you need. Descriptors like “in the style of Franklin Covey” or “in a bulleted list” can help.  
  • Always check for accuracy. If you’re not careful, you might accidentally cite the wrong statistics or information from ChatGPT. As an example, in a test I ran, one response referenced LinkedIn’s “740 million users.” At the time, the correct number was more like 920 million. ChatGPT generates responses from information that’s about two years old (up to 2021 at the time of publication). So, before you send your message or publish your article, always double-check your facts. 
  • Edit for grammar and tone. ChatGPT can’t think for you. Use your brain! Thoroughly proofread anything you use from the software. Grammar errors do happen, and they can make you look unprofessional if you don’t spot them. You also run the risk of sounding like a robot if you don’t consider the tone of the content ChatGPT generates. If it doesn’t sound authentic to your normal way of speaking, change it. As you get better at crafting prompts, the outputs you receive will be closer to the right tone, but always be thoughtful about sounding human. If you’re not sure, ask a friend or colleague if the content sounds like you. 

AI might sound scary, but humans aren’t going anywhere. As I heard someone say recently, AI probably won’t replace you but someone who knows how to use it might. I think I agree. Learning how to use tools like ChatGPT might give you a leg up in your job—or your job search. I love what Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach said in a recent newsletter: “While AI cannot predict or create our future, it can support us in countless other ways.” I’m all for learning how to use new technologies like ChatGPT to work smarter, faster, and more effectively. 

Speaking of working smarter, have you had a chance to check out my Rock Your LinkedIn Profile Guide? It’s a digital resource that walks you through how to start the process of revamping your LinkedIn presence. If you do one thing for your personal brand this year, let it be this!


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