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How to Create a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Routine

linkedin features quick tip sales social selling strategy Apr 11, 2023
LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Routine

Making the most of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator requires strong regular habits around each platform. Luckily, an effective routine doesn’t have to mean loads of time each day. Just a few simple and consistent steps are all you need to reap great benefits. For folks who use LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, reviewing just one account at a regular cadence isn’t good enough since each tool provides different, helpful information. 

Check out the simple breakdown of tasks below to create your daily, weekly, and monthly LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to-do list. For easy reference, I recommend bookmarking this article or going old-school and printing it out to keep at your desk. 


  • Notifications: It’s easy for timely information to get buried if you’re not checking your LinkedIn notifications daily. Note that LinkedIn notifies you about birthdays and work anniversaries, which you can and should leverage to build and maintain strong connections. Sales Navigator does not send birthday or work anniversary alerts, which is one reason why you should be in both accounts daily. 
  • Inbox: Treat your LinkedIn messages as you would your email. That is, check them at least once per day. Also, consider downloading the LinkedIn mobile app and turning on push notifications so that you never miss a LinkedIn message. 

  • Content: Once or more per week, post content to your LinkedIn network. If that feels like too much content, consider that LinkedIn says it takes posting every day for 60 days in a row to hit everyone in your network one time. For tips on getting started with LinkedIn content, check out this content roundup.
  • Invitations: It’s poor form to leave your pending connections hanging for too long. Review and accept or decline your connection invitations weekly. 
  • Engage: Comment on and share your network’s posts. Not only does this keep you top of mind (and prove that you’re a human), but it also delights the person whose content you engaged with because, let’s be honest, developing and posting content can be laborious! Not to forget, engagement also gives you more visibility and shows your network that LinkedIn is a platform where you’re active.
  • Profile views: On the left-hand side of your newsfeed, find and click “Who’s viewed your profile” to explore a list of people who checked you out on LinkedIn. It’s important to keep tabs on this list so that you can follow up with anyone of interest promptly. 
  • Networking: Carve out a few minutes each week to build your network. This might include sending a personalized invitation to someone you met for coffee or a handful of people in a particular company or industry where you want to build stronger ties.

  • Profile updates: If something changed in your professional or personal life this month, take a moment to make the corresponding update on LinkedIn. For example, if you recently earned a designation or were featured in Forbes, highlight these accomplishments in your LinkedIn profile. 
    P.S. - Check out this article to learn more about when and how to update your LinkedIn profile.  


Sales Navigator

  • Outreach: Use your lead lists to guide your daily outreach activities to prospects. Continue the conversations you’ve started and begin new ones as appropriate. 
  • Inbox: Like your LinkedIn inbox, your Sales Navigator inbox should function similarly to your email inbox. Don’t let messages pile up as doing so could mean missing a great opportunity to connect with a lead or account. 

  • Home page account & lead alerts: Spend some time each week not only reviewing your Sales Navigator account and lead alerts but also leveraging them. Consider how you can use the information, such as a lead’s new job title, to carry your sales conversations forward. 
  • Saved search alerts: Similarly, you’ll want to review your saved search alerts at least weekly. If new leads or accounts fit your saved search, consider adding them to your lead or account lists. 
    P.S. - For more info on how to turn search results into sales results, check out this article.) 
  • Networking through your lead lists: Set aside a few minutes each week to build your network. (I recommend doing this from your lead lists which you likely built from a saved search.) If you’ve set networking goals for the month or quarter, start with those in mind and then take the next intentional step toward creating strong connections. 

  • Saved searches: Once per month, create and save new searches. These will trigger saved search alerts, which you should review weekly. I don’t recommend creating saved searches more than once per month because leveraging them typically requires at least a couple of weeks to see fruit.


If you can get into the routine of making these daily, weekly, and monthly Sales Navigator and LinkedIn tasks a part of your routine, you’ll be doing great! If you want to level up, there’s even more where this came from. My free guide, 9 Weekly Habits of a LinkedIn MVP, is designed to help you master the game of networking on LinkedIn. Try layering these simple strategies into your weekly LinkedIn routine for big results.


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