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Anatomy of a Win: How Michael Marchio Builds Strong Connections by Seeing His Network Differently

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Here at McMillion Consulting, we love cheering clients on and celebrating their wins. Our Anatomy of a Win series showcases stories from professionals who experienced a notable business victory as a result of implementing a tool or strategy they learned from our work together.

Michael Marchio is no stranger to thoughtful problem-solving. An engineer by education and Northwestern Mutual financial advisor by trade, Michael is passionate about assisting STEM professionals to strategize for tomorrow and live for today.  

So, when Michael recognized that he could probably be engaging his network better on LinkedIn, he set out to do something about it. Our paths crossed at just the right time, and I had the privilege of working with Michael in a one-on-one training engagement to tackle his goals.

“Lindsey spoke at an event I attended and immediately showed relevancy. She’s also highly regarded by many of my colleagues,” he said. 

After our work together, Michael took what he learned and applied it right away. The results were astounding! Let’s break down Michael’s success to see how a mindset shift yielded incredible, measurable results in his business.

The Challenge

Michael came to me with the goal of engaging his existing network on LinkedIn. For him, the challenge was less about growing his network with new connections and more about building deeper connections. He knew he could connect with people in a more meaningful and intentional way than he currently was. 

The Strategy 

In my training with Michael, we worked through The CRROWN MethodTM, a process for determining which connections he had already reached out to and who had never heard from him. I also equipped Michael with a strategy for reaching out to his connections on LinkedIn and building strong connections. 

This systematic approach gave him a practical, replicable way to connect with purpose on LinkedIn.  Ultimately, Michael was able to reframe his network from hundreds of LinkedIn connections to a gem mine of opportunities to know and develop genuine relationships with other professionals. 

“The CRROWN MethodTM helped me become more organized with my outreach as well as allowed me to engage my existing network in a profound and meaningful way,” Michael said.

The Win

Since we met, Michael has kept to our system and continues to see its impact. In less than one month, he scheduled 40 new meetings. (Go, Michael!) What’s more, he’s welcomed hundreds of new leads, 80 percent of whom have been qualified candidates. According to Michael, the wins just keep on coming. 

Perhaps even more important than the measurable results, Michael also gained a sense of clarity about who he and his team can best serve through their practice. This clarity has sharpened his focus in a way that’s better for his clients and his business. Now, he’s more equipped than ever to connect with the right people and help as many of them as he can. 

Interested in being featured in our next Anatomy of a Win article? Let me know. I’d love to hear how McMillion Consulting has propelled your business forward. 

It’s so rewarding to hear from clients who have applied what they learned in our one-on-one training sessions and experienced amazing wins! I’m all about equipping people to do what they love even better. If a training engagement isn’t an option for you right now, you can still benefit from my LinkedIn expertise and get free access to my brain with my Rock Your LinkedIn Profile Guide. In it, I’ll show you why having a great profile is key to success on the platform and take the guesswork out of helping you optimize yours.



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