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Level Up Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Process

linkedin tools marketing networking strategy success story tips training Jun 15, 2021
Level Up Lead Generation Process

As with most things, developing a lead generation process on LinkedIn takes practice and a healthy dose of patience. Keep showing up, keep being resourceful, and I promise, it will pay off. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you a story that may just change your mind.

My client, let’s call him Bill, was in the habit of engaging two or three LinkedIn Groups on a consistent basis. One of Bill’s posts caught the interest of another member of the group who decided to click through to Bill’s profile. (Luckily, because we had worked together, Bill had an updated profile and a great presence on LinkedIn.) After this individual viewed Bill’s profile, he became even more interested in what Bill did, so he clicked through to Bill’s company website.  

Now, I can’t promise that all your wins will measure in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I am confident that you, like Bill, can build a better LinkedIn lead generation process that improves your outcomes. As always, I try to meet you right where you are, so whether you’ve never used LinkedIn as a lead generation tool or you’re just looking to become a little more savvy, I want to help you take your process to the next level. 

Level One: Think Broader

If you’re not using LinkedIn as part of your prospecting at all, I encourage you to start there. With so much information and opportunity for authentic connection, LinkedIn is the perfect place to build your lead list and find qualified prospects for your product or service. 

You might find leads among your existing connections, but I want to invite you to think broader. Zoom out and consider how you can use the resources at your disposal to go beyond your network. Could your first degree connections introduce you to ideal prospects in their networks? Have you explored LinkedIn Groups where like-minded folks might be gathering? Maybe that’s an industry group, like “Digital Marketing” an affiliation group, or even a subset of people from your alma mater, like the “Clemson Graphic Communications Alumni” group. LinkedIn Groups offer an ideal chance to generate leads because they’re formed around a basis of commonality. You may be missing a gem mine of opportunities if you’re not looking for it. 

Once you’ve identified a few groups or specific people that make sense, resist the urge to jump in and sell immediately. Take some time to understand your audience. What kinds of posts are people making in the group or to their networks? What is resonating? What isn’t? Always start by being a good “listener” on LinkedIn. Give and give before you ask for anything. You might discover something through that process that will change your approach entirely. 

This is also a good time to reflect on your profile. If it does not reflect you and your business well, it’s time for a little TLC. You can always reach out to me if you need help!

Level Two: Get in the Groove 

If you already know how to use groups and leverage your existing network, I challenge you to up your game by developing a consistent LinkedIn lead generation habit. Like my client Bill, you will reap the most benefit from LinkedIn when you develop a routine of engagement. Take a survey of how and where you can spend your time on LinkedIn. What makes the most sense long-term? What makes the most sense in the short-term? 

My clients ask me all the time how much time they need to be spending on LinkedIn. The answer depends on you. Everyone and every business goal is different. That said, focused time every day is better than all at once at the end of the week. Remember, timeliness is key on a fast-moving platform like LinkedIn. Long chunks of time simply can’t make up for keeping your finger on the pulse of your network throughout the week. 

When you’ve reflected on your business needs, set a goal and stick with it. Maybe it’s 15 minutes per day of active engagement with your network. Or, like Bill, maybe it’s also nurturing relationships via groups throughout the month.

Level Three: Upgrade Your Toolset

If you really want to get serious about using LinkedIn for lead generation, I highly recommend upgrading from a free account to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Professional subscription. Whereas other LinkedIn Premium options target job seekers or recruiters, Sales Navigator is designed to optimize the sales process. 

Once you upgrade, you’ll see a special dashboard that enables you to categorize and save leads into lists. The advanced lead filtering also helps you quickly identify the right people.  Sales Navigator also automates much of your manual prospecting by notifying you when LinkedIn members who meet your criteria are active, saving you time and effort. 

Think of Sales Navigator as a car with all the bells and whistles, not a self-driving one. Even with the additional tools, you should continue to keep up your “Level One” and “Level Two” practices. The goal here is just to amplify, rather than replace, your hard work.

I hope these tips helped you rethink your game plan for LinkedIn lead generation. If you’re hungry for even more, I offer a range of services, from DIY to premium, designed to help you put your best foot forward on LinkedIn.  Let’s connect on a discovery call and find the best support for you. 



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