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Staying Top of Mind on LinkedIn

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Staying Top of Mind on LinkedIn

Let me set the scene: You’re sitting at your computer and staring at your LinkedIn inbox. You can see that your first message to a warm prospect was read, but ignored. Bummer. A week and a half goes by with no response, so you decide to send a second message. Still, crickets. A couple more weeks go by, and you try calling. You cross your fingers and leave a voicemail. At this point, your confidence in hearing a response is pretty low. You feel at a loss for what to do next. 

We’ve all been there. Somehow, despite your best attempts, you seem to be falling off the radar of someone you know you can help. The truth of the matter is, if you’re in the business of selling something—and aren’t we all selling something?—it’s par for the course. We all experience the silent treatment from time to time.  Sometimes, it’s not on purpose! You simply might not be a priority for the person on the other end of your outreach. Not everyone is ready for you yet. In these cases, the answer is to let it go and keep moving.  Other times, persistence pays. 

In situations where you already have a relationship with a company or prospective client, I encourage you to keep at it. Sometimes, the person on the other end of your calls and messages is simply busy, and a gentle nudge to circle back with you will be a welcome reminder. 

In addition to all the standard ways of reaching out on LinkedIn and otherwise, I like to incorporate a simple nurture approach to my mix of communication. Try it out and add it to your sales toolbelt.

Here’s how to try my nurture approach on LinkedIn:

  1. Search for the person you’re trying to reach. 
  2. Click through to his or her profile and scroll down to the activity section. 
  3. Select a post from the list or click “Show all activity” to see more options. 
  4. Choose a post with which to engage and leave a comment and reaction.                                       

    Tip: Your comment should not be related to your previous requests. Instead, your goal is to express a genuine interest in the person’s content.
  5. Your comment or reaction will generate a notification to the person you want to reach. Ideally, seeing your name will be a great reminder to follow up with you soon.

Have access to Sales Navigator? Try this tip, too. 

You probably already know how to save leads and accounts within Sales Navigator. (If you need a little refresh, check out this article on turning search results into sales results.) Did you know you can also save activity? If you have a Sales Navigator subscription, I recommend adding this step to your regular outreach cadence. 

  1. Once per week (or more), go to the homepage of Sales Navigator and scan your activity feed. 
  2. As you see updates related to accounts or leads you’re trying to reach, bookmark them for later.
  3. Set aside a regular time to review your bookmarked activity and engage with the lead or account associated with the update. Remember, your goal is to nurture the connection, not nag.

When your first attempts to reach someone don’t yield a response, don’t give up! We’re all busy people with dozens of devices and notifications pinging us for our attention all the time. Sometimes, your messages will slip through the cracks. Be patient and don’t be afraid to get creative. I think you’ll find, the people who really want and need your services will be open to your professional persistence.
The nurture approach I described above is just one way to stay top of mind with your prospects. If you’re looking for more ways to gain the attention of the right people on LinkedIn, check out my guide: Top 10 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn. In it, you’ll discover my top tips for standing out in the crowd and nailing your first impression. The best part? It’s completely free. You can find it here.



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