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LinkedInsider Top Hits: Selling & Sales Navigator

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Top hits - selling and sales navigator (on LinkedIn)

Whether or not your official title includes the word “sales,” most of us sell in some way. From pitching your product or service to a new customer to recruiting a new team member or getting buy-in on an idea, having sharp sales skills can help you achieve your professional goals. If you’re looking for some inspiration or a new way to tackle your latest sales challenge, explore this curated round-up of “top hits” on selling and Sales Navigator to find the support you need. 

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Have you ever hit a wall in your recruiting or sales approach? You’re not alone. While it can be frustrating to feel like you’re not making traction, sometimes all it takes is a new approach. This article will help you gain clarity with a prospect or candidate just by asking the right questions.

A 4-Step Sales Navigator Approach to Find Your Targets

While LinkedIn offers some useful search functionality in its free subscriptions, Sales Navigator allows you to create custom, hyper-specific searches with a range of filters and tools. Get the step-by-step details on how to find targets that match your criteria in this Sales Navigator-focused article.

How to Be a Good Host in Your Sales Process

Just like a good host or hostess, a strong salesperson prioritizes hospitality from the very first interaction with a prospect. Luckily, “your welcome” doesn’t have to include fluffed pillows and towel swans. LinkedIn can help you collect all the information you need to make your prospects’ experiences comfortable and memorable. Discover how in this actionable article on LinkedIn-based hospitality.

5 Steps to Closing Deals with Sales Navigator

As the saying goes in sales, “always be closing.” This article will equip you with play-by-play instructions for creating a Sales Navigator process that yields results. Whether you’re new to Sales Navigator or you’ve used it for the first time, these helpful tips can help you integrate the right tools with the right habits to close deals.

How Do You Stack Up on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index?

If you’ve been in sales for a while, you’re probably no stranger to KPIs and scorecards, but did you know LinkedIn has its own unique way of measuring sales success? LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is a great tool to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to relational sales. Learn the lingo, where to find your score, and how to improve in this quick tip article.

LinkedIn Lindsey’s ABCs of Sales Series 

There’s so much noise around selling and sales techniques that it’s often difficult to know where to start when it comes to self-improvement. This practical series strips selling down to the fundamentals so that you can focus on the most important ways to up your sales game. Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 all together, or take a bite-sized approach and master each one before you move to the next.

How to Recognize and Avoid Being Spam on LinkedIn

Cold calling and cold messaging have their place, but before you press send on your next InMail, consider how it will come across to the reader on the other end. In this article, I break down the telltale signs of LinkedIn spam to help you spot it for yourself and avoid looking like spam to your prospects. 

Becoming a sales superstar takes time and a commitment to continually learn. As technology and your customers change, so should the tools in your sales toolbelt. If you’re looking to reignite your sales or prospecting process, Sales Navigator might be the missing puzzle piece in your approach. Download my free guide to find out if you should pay for a LinkedIn premium subscription and if Sales Navigator is right for you.



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