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Ask LinkedIn Lindsey: Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

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One of the best parts of my job is giving owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs the freedom to brag about their businesses. We’ve all seen self-promotion that feels slimy, but LinkedIn is the perfect place to tell your business story the right way. 

Sure, there are paid ways to promote your business on LinkedIn, and in some cases, an ad might be the appropriate way to reach your goals. But most clients I talk to just want to understand—on a practical, day-to-day level—how to get the word out about what they’re doing. That’s exactly what I’ll cover below. 

Keep reading to see some of the most common questions I receive about business promotion and my recommendations. 


Q: I launched a business recently and want to get the word out on LinkedIn. Help! 

A: Congrats! The first thing you’ll want to do is create a company page. Then, make sure your personal LinkedIn profile and any team members are connected to it via their current role description. If all of that sounds like another language, don’t fret! I wrote an entire article about company pages. Get the how-to here. 

Once you’re all set with that company page, start posting as your company. Often, people expect that if they post on their company page, people on LinkedIn will see those posts eventually. But actually, your posts will only show up in the LinkedIn feed for people who follow your company page. 

You can expand that visibility when you repost your company page posts from your personal account and ask your team to do the same. This approach will draw many more eyeballs (and hopefully followers) to your new business page. Also, don’t be afraid to share your posts with specific people in a message. Or, ask people to support your new business by following your company page. 


Q: I know I should post about my company on LinkedIn, but won’t that annoy my network? 

A: I hear this a lot, so you’re not alone! People are so afraid to talk about business and offerings that they don’t ever inform their network about what they do and how to support them. Remember, nobody’s going to know they’re invited unless we give them the invitation. Your product or service might be just the thing someone in your network is looking for. And, they won’t find you if you never talk about what you’re doing. 


Q:  Can you provide some ideas of what kinds of information to feature to promote my business? 

A: Posting about your company doesn’t have to mean regurgitating your mission, vision, and values in a thousand different ways. Business milestones are a great place to start. Celebrate team member work anniversaries or business anniversaries in your posts. Highlight individuals or teams. You can also showcase your team out in the community, learning together, or hosting an event.  New product and service announcements also make great LinkedIn posts. Finally, don’t forget to share news features and awards in your LinkedIn content, too. 


Q: How can I extend the impact of my company posts? I don’t want my updates and features to get lost in the LinkedIn noise. 

A: Extend the lifecycle of your promotional content by reposting company posts and “pinning” them in your LinkedIn profile. You can use the Featured section—a prominent spot toward the top of your profile—to keep relevant company content front and center. Try to curate at least three posts (or other media) in this dynamic section and use those highly visible slots to showcase different aspects of your business. 


Q: Lots of the business posts and ads I see on LinkedIn feel so impersonal. How do I make my business look and feel more human? 

A: Avoid feeling too “corporate” by shining a spotlight on your team. One of my clients absolutely nailed this approach by curating a series of company page posts highlighting individual team members. Not only did this series of posts drive great engagement, but they also lent themselves to easy sharing. Remember: at the end of the day, no matter what industry you’re in, you’re in the human-to-human business. Keep your people central to your company promotions, and you’ll be winning on LinkedIn. 

I’m here to tell you that championing your own business on LinkedIn can feel authentic, empowering, and effective. Don’t shy away from talking about what you do. Your network is ready to support you, connect you, and cheer you on if you’ll let them. I sure am! With a people-centered, thoughtful approach, you can promote your business on LinkedIn and stay true to who you are. 

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