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Anatomy of a Win: How Randolph Shingler Showcases His Team on LinkedIn

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Anatomy of a Win: Randolph Shingler

Here at McMillion Consulting, we love cheering clients on and celebrating their wins. Our Anatomy of a Win series showcases stories from professionals who experienced a notable business victory as a result of implementing a tool or strategy they learned from our work together.

The Challenge

Randolph Shingler, a Wealth Management Advisor, has been on LinkedIn for more than a decade. But, until about four years ago, he wasn’t getting much value from it.  

“It was a way for me to basically friend, if you will, anyone that I was going to be meeting with as an advisor,” Randolph said. “So any of my upcoming meetings, about a week in advance, I was friending them mainly so I could get access to their network and create feed lists.” 

Doing more with the platform had always been in the back of his mind. But when we met a few years back, it felt more important than ever. He had just launched Green Arrow Financial, a boutique financial advisory firm within Northwestern Mutual. Randolph wanted to use LinkedIn to showcase his new brand and team, but he didn’t know where to start. 

“I didn't feel I had the time to invest in being a LinkedIn pro until I saw [Lindsey] speak at our agency, and I said, ‘Wait, there's a LinkedIn pro right there. And she also seems really fun to work with,’” he said. 

After that first meeting, Randolph and I got straight to work. 

The Strategy

In our work together, we focused on elevating the image of Green Arrow Financial. Randolph immediately understood how powerful LinkedIn could be in communicating his firm’s value to potential clients. 

Reflecting on his decision to make LinkedIn a priority, Randolph said: “I know that Green Arrow is one of the top advisory practices in the country. I knew this four years ago, but I realized not everyone else knows that yet.” 

Leveraging LinkedIn to showcase the firm meant so much more than creating a company page—though that was, of course, a part of our process. We took a systematic approach, starting with Randolph’s LinkedIn profile and building from there. 


After revamping every extension of the firm’s brand on LinkedIn—from Randolph’s own profile to those of his teammates and the Green Arrow Financial company page—we focused on engagement, including a series of posts highlighting his team and a strategy to attract and acquire new business on Sales Navigator. 

A dedicated member of Randolph’s team took over prospect engagement—or what I often refer to as “the LinkedIn ping-pong match.”

“That’s what we're doing all the time on LinkedIn,” Randolph said. “It’s where the people raise their hands and then there are a couple of other follow-ups that [Lindsey] shared with us to get them to the meeting.” 

The Win

Before, Randolph’s LinkedIn presence didn’t add anything to his professional reputation. In fact, it might have even held him back. 

Now, when prospects vet Green Arrow Financial on LinkedIn, they’ll discover a strong team they can count on. As Randolph put it, the firm looks just as professional on LinkedIn as any Fortune 500 company. 

“It reflects the entity that it is, which is one of the top practices in the country,” he said. 

In the time since we started working together, Green Arrow Financial has been named to Forbes “Top” lists several times. When Forbes asks for his LinkedIn profile URL, Randolph is proud to share it now. 

But the transformation hasn’t just felt good, it’s also meant real monetary wins for the business. He credits about $5 million in annual assets under management directly to LinkedIn and the Sales Navigator outreach strategy. Randolph called it “a great supplement” to the work they're doing to generate new business. 

Talk about a WIN! As I always tell my clients, LinkedIn messaging shouldn’t be your only tool, but it’s an important arrow in the quiver. 

I’m so proud of Randolph. It’s amazing to see how his online presence matches the real-life credibility he has with clients. As his trusted LinkedIn coach, I am grateful to be a small part of his amazing success! 

Interested in being featured in our next Anatomy of a Win article? Let me know. I’d love to hear how McMillion Consulting has propelled your business forward. 

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