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Running Out of InMail Credits? Maybe It's Time to Rethink Your LinkedIn Outreach Strategy

inmail linkedin features quick tip sales social selling strategy Dec 19, 2023
Running Out of InMail Credits?

InMail, a type of LinkedIn message, allows you to reach out to certain LinkedIn members, even if you’re not a first-degree connection. For each subscription type, LinkedIn Premium offers a varying number of InMail credits per month. 

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Many salespeople treat InMails like cold calls, sending out message after message and hoping something sticks. If your inbox looks anything like mine, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of this common approach. InMail has its place in your sales toolbelt, but it shouldn’t be your number one tactic.

If you do opt to send an InMail, keep these important principles in mind.

Principles of a Great InMail 

  • DON’T show up and throw up. 
  • Keep it short and sweet. 
  • Make it about them. 
  • Ask a question. 
  • Give contact info. 

Remember, even the best InMail ever might be ignored. Some users don’t know the difference between InMail from a LinkedIn user and Sponsored InMail. The latter tends to be less relevant and more sales-y. There’s also a chance, your InMail lands in your recipient's “Other” inbox. These are just two reasons why I teach my clients not to build a sales process on InMail alone. 

Ready to cut back and stop running out of InMail credits? Here are three effective ways to sell more with fewer InMail messages.

1. Prompt recipients to accept (or decline!) your InMail messages. 

LinkedIn rewards you for sending InMail messages that evoke a response. Think of it like a postcard mailer with a clear call to action. If your recipient accepts, responds to, or even declines your InMail within 90 days of sending, you will receive that credit back. That’s great news for you. There’s an opportunity to coach up your recipients to take action. It can be as simple as ending your message with “Not interested? Let me know either way.” LinkedIn’s “Quick Replies” count as a response. 

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2. Opt for a connection request instead. 

LinkedIn is, in my opinion, the very best platform for social selling. If you’re not familiar with this sales philosophy, it’s basically the idea that people are more willing to buy from people and organizations they trust and have a relationship with. Ideally, you’ll build a foundation of trust with prospects — by engaging with them and letting them into your network — before you ever try to sell them anything. And once you’re connected to someone, you don’t need InMails to reach their inbox. 

3. Follow and engage with prospects.  

Let’s just say that you sent a connection request to a particular prospect weeks ago, but he or she has yet to respond. Instead, try following that person. When you follow people on LinkedIn and tap the bell icon, you’ll stay in the loop whenever they post. Then, you can stay on their radar by engaging with their content. Ideally, seeing your name and face in the comments section of their posts will remind them to go back and accept your request. 

There’s no replacement for a real connection. While InMail can be an effective way to reach someone, I always recommend using it sparingly. There are so many better outreach options on LinkedIn.

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