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LinkedInsider Top Hits: Your Guide to LinkedIn Settings & Features

company page linkedin features mobile app profile quick tip Dec 06, 2022
Top Hits: Guide to LinkedIn Settings and Features

Do you ever have LinkedIn FOMO (fear of missing out)? Maybe you have a vague sense that everyone else has already discovered and mastered the best LinkedIn features while you’re still trying to figure out how to update your headline. If that’s you, fear no more! I’m here to help you notice and take advantage of all the best parts of LinkedIn. In this roundup of “top hits,” I’m setting you up with your very own content playlist, so to speak, of helpful tips and tricks on LinkedIn settings and features. Take it one article at a time or pour a cup of coffee and pound through the whole list to get up to speed on some of the latest and greatest LinkedIn has to offer. Note: Click the teal titles below to access the article!


Hidden Gems: LinkedIn’s Most Forgotten Yet Powerful Features

Looking for a quick gist? Dive into this article to discover the most underappreciated LinkedIn features and use them right away. This list is packed with ways to stand out and make an impact in just a few simple clicks. 


It’s (Still) Okay To Be Awesome

This article is a refreshed take on a LinkedInsider classic. Read it to master the science and art of recommendations—one of my personal favorite LinkedIn features. Of all the ways you could apply your learning on LinkedIn, tackling this one might just be the most powerful way to establish your credibility online through testimonials.


Staying Connected On The Go: When To Use The LinkedIn Mobile App

Struggling to master that work-life balance? I hear you. Knowing when and how to use the LinkedIn mobile app is a great way to stay in the loop when you need to, and check out just enough to relax. This practical article breaks down which tasks to complete in the LinkedIn app and which to save for the desktop version. 


When To Use LinkedIn's Career Breaks Feature

A newer addition to the LinkedIn platform, Career Breaks are a great way to add story and context seamlessly into your professional narrative. Not all of us have linear career paths, and that’s okay! Find out how to make the most of this powerful feature in your own LinkedIn profile and tell a more complete and compelling story. 


Improve The Reach Of Your LinkedIn Content With This Little-Known Tip

I love it when social media lets you work smarter. That’s absolutely the case with this LinkedIn feature that allows you to increase the size of your audience beyond your LinkedIn network with one simple trick. Check it out to find out how to broadcast your content further. 


Feeling The Love On LinkedIn

Curiosity is not the only reason to see who’s following you on LinkedIn. In this article, I’ll teach you not only how to find your follower list, but also how to use it. This awesome source of insight is a helpful nugget for planning content, and it’s just beneath your nose. Read the article to find out more. 


3 Things To Know About LinkedIn's Creator Mode

Have you heard of Creator Mode? If not, you’ve probably seen people in your network using it—you just might not have known it. In this article, I’ll give you the quick scoop about what it is and why you might consider switching it on for your profile. Used correctly, it’s a great way to add a little sophistication to the way you use LinkedIn.


There are so many ways LinkedIn can help you achieve your career goals. Making the most of the free LinkedIn settings and features is a great place to start. Feeling constrained by your current toolset? Maybe it’s time to level up to a paid version of LinkedIn. Finding the right one for you or your team can be a bit confusing. That’s why I created my free LinkedIn comparison guide, Should You Pay for LinkedIn?, to help invest in the best plan for you. With a premium LinkedIn subscription, you’ll still have access to all the great features of the free plan, plus even more data and functionality.



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