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Best Of 2021: A Year In Review

branding career learn linkedin tools marketing professional development profile development strategy tips training Dec 28, 2021
Best Of 2021: A Year In Review

As 2021 draws to a close, I took a moment to reflect back on the year and what it meant for McMillion Consulting. While this year certainly held its challenges, it was also a year of new growth, innovation, and client engagements that reminded me why I love what I do. In addition, it marked our first full year of content and the growth of our LinkedInsider community

In case you missed it, I covered dozens of topics in my weekly blogs, from leveraging your LinkedIn profile and new features to implementing sales strategies on and off of LinkedIn. Check out my roundup of the year’s best content and welcome the New Year with a new tip, tool, or strategy in hand. 

LinkedIn Engagement: 

If you’re looking to boost your engagement with your network, spark conversation, and nurture connections, these four articles offer just the guidance you need. 

Content Creation:

From the ins and outs of publishing to growing your existing audience, I take on your biggest content questions in these content-centric articles.

Your LinkedIn Profile:

Finding success on LinkedIn begins with your personal profile. Give your personal LinkedIn presence the TLC it needs with these quick tips. 

LinkedIn Company Pages:

Your LinkedIn company page offers so much more than a pretty icon in your work experience. Start making the most of this powerful tool with these practical company page insights. 

Prospecting on LinkedIn: 

Want to find the best leads? You guessed it, LinkedIn can help with that, too. With the help of powerful subscription options like Sales Navigator, you can take your sales prospecting process to a new level. Find out how in these articles. 

Sales Strategies: 

I love equipping clients with simple, practical tools to improve sales success, on LinkedIn and beyond. These articles offer a few of my top tips to drive sales and see results. 

Building Your Network: 

One of the top questions I hear most often from clients is: “How do I grow my network?” If that’s you, dive into these articles for straightforward ways to grow your network the right way. 

LinkedIn Features:

LinkedIn is always adding and changing features on its platform. Don’t miss these tips to tap into the full power of LinkedIn. 

Business Lessons:

My business offers a classroom for me to constantly learn and grow. In these personal articles, I give you a glimpse into what being a business owner means for me and offer my advice from my own adventures in leadership.  

For even more LinkedIn-focused support, visit my blog and be sure to join the LinkedInsider community so you never miss a single weekly tip or expert insight. If you’re hoping I cover a particular topic or skill that matters to your business, let me know! Fill out this form to share your biggest LinkedIn pain point, and I just might take it on in 2022. 



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